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This page contains updates on the Growth team's work to increase new editor retention in Czech and Korean Wikipedias. The planning for this work began in June 2018. The team works on multiple projects at a time, but they will all be discussed on this page. During July, August, September, and October 2018, the team was also simultaneously working on a project to improve the Articles for Creation process and New Pages Feed in English Wikipedia, which is discussed on its own page.

How to get involved[edit]

It is important that our work is grounded in the reality of the communities we hope to help. If you have thoughts or ideas around this project or our team's work, please comment on this project's talk page.

Project updates[edit]

Updates for 2022 are listed below, from this page. Watch 2022 updates. ● See also the Release Timeline ● Growth team updates: 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018.

Between January and May 2022, some team members transitioned to new positions and responsibilities. As a consequence, only the main events have been written down below.

Update 2022-02-25: positive reinforcement project beginning[edit]

  • Add an image
    • This feature was originally deployed on mobile on 2021-11-29. On 2022-01-28, we deployed a desktop version so that newcomers can use it on either platform.
    • On 2022-02-16, we added Spanish Wikipedia to the test. Now, 40% of newcomers on Spanish, Arabic, Bengali, and Czech Wikipedias are receiving "add an image" as their first task.
    • Usage of the feature remains low, but with some users completing many edits day after day. We are now analyzing the full conversion funnel in detail to understand how to increase participation. We are also analyzing the captions users write to understand their quality and how those can be improved.
    • This feature will be used in a GLAM event by Wikimedia Argentina on March 7, to help museum professional illustrate articles in Spanish Wikipedia. If it goes well, it will be used in several subsequent events in Latin America.
  • Add a link
  • Positive reinforcement
    • In building suggested edits, the Growth team has successfully caused more newcomers to make their first edits to Wikipedia. But our analysis shows that although the features increase how many people make their first edits, they do not additionally increase the share who come back and edit again another day (retention). For this reason, we are prioritizing a project called "positive reinforcement", which is about helping newcomers be proud of their impact and be excited about coming back to continue their editing.
    • This project has three main ideas, and we'll begin conversations about them with communities:
      • Impact: the newcomer homepage contains a rudimentary impact module that we could improve to make more interesting.
      • Leveling up: it is important to communities that newcomers progress to more valuable tasks. For those who do many easy tasks, we want to nudge them toward trying more difficult tasks.
      • Personalized praise: research shows that praise and encouragement from other users increases newcomer retention. We want to think about how to encourage experienced users to thank and award newcomers for good contributions.