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December 4: your questions regarding mentorship[edit]

Date: Monday, 4 December (19:00 - 20:30 UTC)
Subject: Mentorship
Video conference link: Google Meet
Main meeting language: English
  • Let's have a tour of the mentorship features
  • Let's discuss on how you use mentorship at your wiki
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Conversation's etiquette[edit]

During these conversations, we ask participants to pay attention to what others are trying to say, as not all of us have the same facility for expressing ourselves, especially when we're using a language we've learned.

If you're good at public speaking, don't forget that it's important for everyone to have the opportunity to speak.

Of course, there's no obligation to participate - you're welcome to come just to listen, or to keep us company! :)

These conversations are covered by the Code of Conduct .

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Mentorat (en français) / Mentorship (in French)[edit]

Herramientas de Crecimiento (en español) / Growth features (in Spanish)[edit]

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