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Manuel des extensions MediaWikiManual:Extensions
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État de la version :Extension status stable

ImplémentationTemplate:Extension#type Tag
DescriptionTemplate:Extension#description Permet d'afficher des formules mathématiques
Auteur(s)Template:Extension#username Tomasz Wegrzanowski, Brion Vibber et d'autres
Dernière versionTemplate:Extension#version continuous updates
MediaWikiTemplate:Extension#mediawiki 1.25+
base de données
TablesTemplate:Extension#table1 mathExtension:Math/math table
mathoidExtension:Math/mathoid table
mathlatexmlExtension:Math/mathlatexml table
LicenceTemplate:Extension#license GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
  • $wgUseTeX
  • $wgTexvc
  • $wgTexvcBackgroundColor
  • $wgMathCheckFiles
  • $wgMathPath
  • $wgMathDirectory
  • $wgMathFileBackend
Accroches utiliséesTemplate:Extension#hook

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Tâches ouvertes · Signalez un bug

L'extension Math fournit une gestion pour l'affichage de formules mathématiques. Un tour d'horizon de ce qui peut actuellement être fait avec cette extension est disponible dans la documentation de Wikipédia anglophone.

Plus d'informations, sur comment installer et configurer cette extension, y compris pour des versions plus anciennes, peuvent être trouvées à Extension:Math/advancedSettingsExtension:Math/advancedSettings.

Afficher des maths

L'extension Math essaye de produire un affichage MathMl, avec une sortie en images SVG ou PNG. Selon les capacités de l'appareil utilisé, le type de sortie est choisie. Les mathématiques de bases peuvent être affichées sur n'importe quel navigateur. Néanmoins, pour un rendu optimal, des configurations supplémentaires seront nécessaires :

Accessibility support is provided by the VoiceOver screen reader but not by Orca yet.


Installation manuelle

  • Téléchargez et placez le(s) fichiers (s) dans un répertoire appelé Math dans votre dossier extensions/.
  • Ajoutez le code suivant à la fin de votre fichier LocalSettings.php :
    wfLoadExtension( 'Math' );
    // See below for installation requirements and configuration settings:
  • Lancez le script de mise à jour qui va créer automatiquement les tables de base de données dont cette extension a besoin.
  • To see math beyond a plain text output, follow instructions below for enabling various math output modes.
  • YesY Fait - Accédez à Special:Version sur votre wiki pour vérifier que l'extension a bien été installée.

Pour les utilisateurs de MediaWiki 1.24 ou précédents :

Les instructions ci-dessous décrivent la nouvelle procédure pour installer cette extension en utilisant wfLoadExtension() Si vous avez besoin d'installer cette extensions sur les précédentes versions de MediaWiki (1.24 ou précédent), à la place de wfLoadExtension( 'Math' );, vous devez utiliser :

require_once "$IP/extensions/Math/Math.php";

You should additionally go to the page Special:MathStatus to see whether all of the components of the Math extension now work. For any problems you see, the best option is to create a task on

Unfortunately, there is no well tested guide on installing MathoidMathoid and RestbaseRestbase to work with the Math extension, but there is at least a working draft. Extension:Math/RestbaseExtension:Math/Restbase please contribute.

In addition, there is a Guide for Installing and Setting up Mediawiki with Restbase and Mathoid in MW1.28.

Math output modes

The setting $wgMathValidModes holds an array with the names of output modes that can be used for rendering. If multiple modes are enabled, logged-in users can set a personal preference in the appearance pane of their user preferences page.

You can also use the $wgDefaultUserOptions setting to set which of these modes should be the default, e.g.:

$wgDefaultUserOptions['math'] = 'mathml';


Mode: 'mathml' (pre-July 2015: MW_MATH_MATHML)

For MW 1.23 and higher, you can use a Mathoid server that uses MathJax to convert texvc input on the server side to MathML+SVG rendering. This is the most recommended option; Mathoid is the rendering mode that will be used on Wikipedia in the future.

To use Mathoid, the following settings are recommended:

// Set MathML as default rendering option
$wgDefaultUserOptions['math'] = 'mathml';
$wgMathFullRestbaseURL= '';

See Mathoid for instructions on how to run your own Mathoid server. Note that as of March 2017 this is likely to also require a RESTbase server/installation (see task T154394).


Mode: 'png' (pre-July 2015: MW_MATH_PNG)

This is the mode that requires the most setup work, since at least the texvc utility has to be installed for it to work, and ideally texvccheck as well. See Installing texvc for how to install both of these.


Mode: 'latexml' (pre-July 2015: MW_MATH_LATEXML)

Uses the LaTeXML utility. The rendering is done via an online service (set with $wgLaTeXMLUrl, which has a default value).

No rendering

Mode: 'source', (pre-July 2015: MW_MATH_SOURCE)

This mode will forward the Latex input without rendering, presenting it in a <span> element, surrounded by $ :formula $.

Make sure to set $wgMathFullRestbaseURL to 'always' (see below) if you only want the raw latex formula, else an error will appear due to the failed check for PNG depictions.



This mode uses the MathJax application for client-side rendering. It is now deprecated, and requires MediaWiki 1.25 or lower in order to run. See Client-side rendering with MathJax for how to use it.

List of significant configuration settings

Setting name Default value Description
$wgMathValidModes array( 'png', 'source', 'mathml' ) Defines the mode allowed on the server.
$wgMathDisableTexFilterManual:$wgMathDisableTexFilter 'never' Option to disable the tex filter. If set to true any LaTeX espression is parsed this can be a potential security risk. If set to false only a subset of the TeX commands is allowed. See the wikipedia page Help:Math for details. Use "always" to disable this feature.
$wgMathFullRestbaseURL false The math extension gets the default config from the Visual Editor, if available. Details

Tips and tricks

Error reporting

If something is wrong with the math extension you can report that at Phabricator. In addition you should check how your problem relates to the automated unit tests that are generated from the page CoverageTest.

Further reading

See Extension:Math/advancedSettingsExtension:Math/advancedSettings for old versions and further information.


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