Wikimedia Technical Committee/Minutes/2019-08-14

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  • RFC Meeting on RFC 2019 Process Amendments on 21 August at 2pm Pacific/23:00 CEST/21:00 UTC in #wikimedia-office
  • Hosted remote/in person meeting from Wikimania Hackathon
  • Discussed: Generalize ParserCache into a generic service class for large "current" page-derived data.
    • Summary:
      • general support for the idea of having a generic store for artifacts derived from page content ("cache" seems a misleading term)
      • functionality should be implemented internally to MW core for now, based on the storage infrastructure of the existing ParserCache
      • making such functionality available to standalone services raises concerns, e.g. about checking access permissions
      • we may want a way to add access flags to the cached objects
      • ParserCache can already store multiple variants. The new system would just add the ability to add other things beyond variants, and to store them for more than just the latest revision of a page.