Wikimedia Technical Committee/Minutes/2019-08-07

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An invite-only video discussion, where decisions are often finalized, generally Wednesday 13:00 USA West coast local time as of this writing. This meeting is often used for grooming the backlog for the TechCom-RFC board. (private minutes)

  • RFC approved after last call: Heredoc arguments for templates (aka "hygienic" or "long" arguments). Implementation will probably have to wait until Parsoid has been ported to PHP, so we don't have to implement it three times. phab:T99268
  • RFC approved after last call: Abstract schemas and schema changes. This allows database updates to be written in a form agnostic to the underlying RDBMS, using the DBAL library. We will be dropping support for Oracle and MSSQL for core to make this feasible. The maintainers of the Oracle and MSSQL backends have expressed interested in adding support back as extensions. phab:T191231
  • RFC approved after last call: Create a proper command-line runner for MediaWiki maintenance tasks. Implementation is pending priorization by the Core Platform Team. phab:T99268.
  • RFC under discussion: Set explicit PHP support target for MediaWiki. phab:T228342

The TechCom meeting on August 14 will be a public meeting held as a session at the Wikimania Hackathon.

There is no RFC discussion scheduled, and no last calls ongoing.