Wikimedia Hackathon 2023/Connect


19–21 May 2023 | Athens, Greece

Creating a Friendly Space

The Universal Code of Conduct, Code of Conduct for Wikimedia's Technical Spaces and Friendly Space Policy will be in effect throughout the event, on all platforms, discussion channels, and at satellite events.


Hackathon conversation

The following channels are traditionally used to connect with other participants; some of them are more or less active throughout the year:

Participants list[edit]

This public participants list is populated voluntarily by each participant - if you plan to attend the hackathon, feel free to add yourself below!

Please note that adding yourself to this table is not the same thing as filling out the registration form. If you plan to attend the onsite hackathon, make sure to register.

Disclaimer: It is up to you if you would like to add the arrival information in the "Arrive at Airport ATH" on the wiki. No one should feel compelled to share this information for privacy reasons. As a suggestion, you can use Telegram when you arrive at the airport to see if others around want to share a taxi/Uber/public transport to the venue.

Username Projects: what do you plan to work on? Topics/technologies where you can help How to contact you Languages you can speak Arrive at Airport ATH
Léa Lacroix (WMF) Coordination of the event
  • Email:
  • Telegram: @Auregann
fr, en, it, de
Shahadusadik Wikidata databox tutorials Documentation
  • Twitter: @Sadike25
dag, en
Macocobovi Documentation
  • Email:
  • Telegram: @Lapang_Macoco
en, ha
Lucas Werkmeister (WMDE) Wikidata-related things Wikidata/Wikibase, SPARQL, Python, Toolforge
  • Telegram: @lucaswerkmeister
  • Mastodon:
en, de, pt 18 May, 19:00
Martin Urbanec Community configuration-related things Growth features, Toolforge
  • Telegram: @urbanecm
  • IRC: urbanecm
en, cs
Kristbaum Wikidata, maybe lexicographical Data Wikidata, Apps
  • Telegram: @kristbaum
  • Mastodon:
en, de
Spyridon Eftychios Kokotos Greek Wikipedia Documentation, Python, C, C++, Java, HTML
  • Email:
  • GitHub: @Greekforce1821
el, en 18 May, 10:00
Waldyrious Wikispeed; Matrix chat bridging; merge pending gerrit patches; T223858; seek co-maintainers for the Wikimate API client; and other stuff Documentation, localization
  • Telegram/Matrix/Twitter/GitHub: @waldyrious
  • Mastodon:
en, pt 18 May, 21:05
Fuzheado GLAM wiki contribution pipeline for metadata, images, and more; Wiki API Connector Wikidata, Python, PAWS, Toolforge, AI/ChatGPT
  • Telegram/Twitter: Fuzheado
  • Mastodon:
en, zh
Novem Linguae Twinkle and PageTriage? Am flexible. PHP, SQL, HTML, JS, CSS. User scripts, gadgets, bots, MediaWiki extensions.
  • Discord, IRC, Telegram. Email me for details.
en, es
Tiago Lubiana Documentation of Wikidata Query Service and/or Pywikibot, but happy to help document any project. Wikidata, SPARQL, Python pt, en, es (fluent)
Taavi Likely something WMCS related? Or MW auth stuff (CA/OATHAuth) cloud services
  • IRC: taavi
  • Mastodon:
en, fi 18 May, 14:00
Alchimista Wikidata, pywikibot, toolforge python, pywikibot, SQL, toolforge, bots, data analysis.
  • IRC/GitHub: @alchimista
  • Telegram: @alchimistawp
  • Mastodon:
pt, en, es, mwl
Osama Eid Arabic Wikipedia, AutoWikiBrowser, Translation Documentation, photo, support, bots.
  • Email:
  • Telegram: @Osps7
ar, he, en,
Damilare Toolhunt, MediaWiki, happy to join any other project. Documentation, PHP, JavaScript (React, Vue, Angular), CSS, HTML.
  • IRC: damilare
  • Email:
  • Twitter: @laredoyin
en, yo
Mark A. Hershberger WikiApiary, non-MySQL DB backend support en
  • IRC: zabe
  • I guess through mail
en, de
BDavis (WMF) IFTTT, Toolhub, event support Toolforge, Cloud VPS, Toolhub, Python, Puppet, documentation en 18 May, 16:35
Jdforrester (WMF) m:Abstract Wikipedia and Wikifunctions MediaWiki, extensions, production configuration, CI, gerrit/GitLab, etc.
  • IRC: James_F
MusikAnimal Add global contributions tool to CheckUser MediaWiki, extensions, Toolforge, Cloud VPS
  • IRC: musikanimal
en-N, es-3
Tgr probably Matrix, but open to other ideas MediaWiki
  • See user page
en, hu
DWalden (WMF) Not sure yet Maths/Mathoid, Testing, Local environment setup
  • Email:
  • IRC: dwalden
NicoleLBee Something related to Toolhub or ToolHunt Documentation, HTML, CSS, JS, Python
  • Email:
  • Twitter: @NicoleBarnabee
  • Telegram: @NicoleLBee
Eleni Christopoulou Data Challenge and open to other ideas Wikidata/Wikibase, SPARQL, Python, Apps
  • Email: hristope[at]
el, en
Amir Sarabadani MediaWiki, infrastructure MediaWiki, databases, Infrastructure, python, php, pywikibot, puppet, AI/ML
  • IRC: Amir1
  • Email:
fa, en
deb tankersley event coordination / logistics / help desk helping with finding WMF'ers that can help you
  • Email:
  • Telegram: @deb_t
Etonkovidova (WMF) Using pixel tool for Wikifuncitons UI testing QA for GrowthEpxeriments projects, Structured Data projects and Wikifunctions en, ru
FNegri-WMF Helping people with their projects Toolforge, Cloud VPS
  • IRC: dhinus
en, it
Roan Kattouw (WMF) Helping people use Codex

Port RCFilters to Codex

Codex, front-end infrastructure, JS/CSS
  • Email:
  • IRC: RoanKattouw
nl-N, en-4, de-2, fr-1
Christine Stone (WMF) MediaWiki, Anything I can help with Documentation, MediaWiki, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Email:
  • IRC: cstone
JGleeson (WMF) (talk) MediaWiki, Payments, Donation Handling and Anything else. MediaWiki, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java.
  • Email:
  • IRC: jgleeson
Ionenlaser Wikidata, lexicographical data, mobile speech recording GWAP for Wikimedia Commons Wikidata, Apps
  • Telegram: @Ionenlaser
en, de, el
KHarlan (WMF) Local development environment tooling & developer experience improvements MediaWiki core, extensions, CI, PHP, JS, APIs, dev environments
  • IRC: kostajh
en, de, el
MGerlach (WMF) improve tooling for parsing wikimedia content or ML models Python, NLP/ML stuff
  • Email:
  • IRC: mgerlach
en, de, pt
Legoktm mwbot-rs and Rust things, technical governance (open to nerd sniping) MediaWiki, APIs, Pywikibot, Rust, CI, etc.
  • Matrix:
  • IRC: legoktm
  • Mastodon:
Dreamy Jazz Extension:CheckUser, but potentially also anything else that takes my fancy CheckUser, developing extensions. en-N
Jelto Improve CI/CD tooling, support others with CI needs, give overviews of our community facing tooling. GitLab CI, Gerrit, Phabricator, Kubernetes, Terraform, Puppet, infrastructure
  • IRC: jelto
en, de
Diego de la Hera Web2Cit small open tasks / Using Web2Cit to fix automatic citations / Social media image licensing tool prototype / Spanish-speaking technical community Toolforge web services, Wikidata API, Translatewiki, citations (incl. Citoid & Web2Cit), The Distributed Game, Phabricator, Wikimedia Gitlab, Wikipedia user scripts, PAWS, WMF grants.
  • Email:
  • Telegram/Twitter: @diegodlh
  • Mastodon:
es/en; some it/pt
MAzevedo (WMF) Maybe a hackathon-sized project for the iOS App, help anyone interested in the apps Swift/Objective-C
  • Email:
en, pt
Kalliope (WMF) Trust & Safety support to the Event All matters Trust & Safety
  • Email:
en, el, pl, es
Sannita (WMF) Abstract Wikipedia AutoWikiBrowser, generally helping out in connecting people
  • Telegram: Sannita
  • Twitter: @theiapsswalker
it, nap, en-3, es-1 18 May, 13:25
Itamar (WMDE) Wikidata related projects. Wikibase, Vue.js, JavaScript, Laravel, PHP, Python, FP languages (Elixir, Elm, Haskell)
  • Email:
  • Telegram: @itamar_wmde
en, he, fr-1
SSethi (WMF) Hackathon coordination Interested in topics around outreach programs, small wiki toolkits, supporting tool maintainers
  • Email:
  • Telegram: @srishakatux
en, hi, pa
SCardenas (WMF) The Wikipedia Library improvements Python, PHP, JavaScript
  • Email:
en, es
Isaac (WMF) Improve tooling for working with Wikimedia data or ML models (examples) Python, NLP/ML/AI, data, documentation
  • Email:
  • IRC: isaacj
SStefanova (WMF) Toolhub, anything related to Wikimedia data, supporting other participants Python, Toolhub, Toolforge, docs
  • Email:
  • IRC: blancadesal
  • Twitter: @iamslavina
en, es, fr, se
JSutherland (WMF) Trust & Safety support to the Event All matters Trust & Safety
  • Email:
en, es
Jon Robson Helping people build skins, helping people get code review on longstanding patches Code review negotiation, anything frontend/skin related.
  • Email:
Arturo Borrero González Wikimedia Cloud Services, Toolforge. Wikimedia Cloud Services, Toolforge.
  • Email:
  • IRC: arturo
es, en
Kizule MediaWiki, Anything I can help with Everything MediaWiki related
  • Email:
  • IRC: Kizule
  • Discord: Kizule#6319
en, sr
Albertoleoncio Toolforge, happy to join any other project API, SQL, PHP, CSS
  • GitHub/Telegram/Wiki: @albertoleoncio
pt, en-3
Tony Thomas Extension: Newsletter, happy to join other projects in Python, Kotlin, PHP Python, PHP, Kotlin
  • Telegram/IRC: @tonythomas
  • Email:
en, ml , sv
Simon Cobb Wikidata-focused activities Wikidata, Wikibase, SPARQL, Python, APIs, documentation
  • Telegram: @Sic19
  • Email:
Nidia Hernández Web2Cit Research improvements, open to join other projects Python, PAWS, Citoid API, documentation
  • Email:
  • Telegram: @nidiahz
es, en, fr
Andre Klapper misc Phabricator, Community Metrics, Documentation, etc cs, de, en, fr
MNeisler (WMF) Data documentation, data analysis support, event support R, SQL, data analysis, documentation
  • Email:
Hay Kranen (Husky) Improving my tools like Depictor, SDSearch, VizQuery, etc. Frontend (Javascript, CSS, HTML, esp. Vue.js), PHP, Python, SPARQL queries
  • Email:
  • Mastodon:
en, nl
Arian Bozorg (WMDE) New external datasets to get more mismatches for Mismatch Finder, Editing tiny subsets, Games Wikidata
  • Email:
en, fa-3
Ferdi2005 Wiki Loves Monuments-related tools, tools and bots for Wikipedia/Wikimedia projects Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MediaWiki API
  • Telegram: @ferdi2005
  • Wiki: Ferdi2005
it, en-3
Elwinlhq (Elwin Huaman) Wikidata, lexicographical data, Wikibase, etc. Wikidata, SPARQL, Python, Wikibase
  • Telegram/Twitter: @ElwinHuaman
qu, en, es, it-2, de-1
Osama Eid lexicographical Wikipedia, Wikipedia library, WikiArabia community HTML, Wiki, SPARQL, Python
  • Telegram: @Osps7
ar, qu, en
Ashraf Seif Wikipedia HTML, Python
  • Email:
ar, en
Yug & Hugo en résidence Lingua Libre, Sign Language JS en, fr, zh
User:Mike Peel WMF governance, Wikidata integration, bots en, python
User:cscott Wikitext, Scribunto, aiding attendees projects using wikitext Wikitext parsing, parser functions, i18n en, es, Lua, PHP
Ollie (WMDE) Wikibase REST API, Wikibase things, mwcli Wikibase REST API, Wikibase, mwcli, PHP, Python, OpenAPI Specification, containers
  • Email:
Muhammad (WMDE) Wikibase REST API Wikibase REST API, PHP, OpenAPI S pecification
  • Email:
ar, en
Moriel Schottlender (WMF) Port RCFilters to Codex Architecture process and concerns, front end tools, JS, HTML, CSS
  • Email:
  • IRC: mooeypoo
en, he
Dominique Labar (user:LabDom) wikidata : edit UI, history UI, mismatch finder Lua, API, REST fr, nl, en
Matma Rex (Bartosz Dziewoński) Community Wishlist requests, VisualEditor MediaWiki core, VisualEditor, DiscussionTools; code review for MediaWiki and extensions pl, en 18 May, 21:50
Lcawte (Lewis Cawte) en
User:DLynch (WMF) (David Lynch) Community Wishlist requests, VisualEditor VisualEditor, DiscussionTools, other things related to Editing, code review
  • Email:
  • IRC: kemayo
  • Mastodon:
en 18 May, 11:00
User:Robertsky (Robert Sim) Improving my index creation tool. Maybe help with AfCH as well. HTML, JavaScript, SQL
  • Email:
  • Telegram: @Robertsky
en, zh
Cindy Cicalese PluggableAuth, WikiApiary 3rd party MediaWiki, MediaWiki core, extensions
  • Email:
Millodarka Wikidata JS, Ruby
  • Telegram: @Millodarka
en, cnr (sr, hr, bs, sh)
Andy Cooper MediaWiki core and extensions Secure code review, data privacy and architecture
  • IRC: acooper
  • Telegram: @andydcooper
  • Email:
Quiddity (WMF) Wikifunctions, Toolhub, documentation, friendly spaces, event support documentation, communication, finding people, finding things
  • IRC: quiddity
  • Telegram: @quidditywiki
  • Email:
Multichill (Maarten Dammers) Something structured data? Maybe reverse geocoding? Python, bots, SPARQL,
  • Come say hi in person!
nl, en, fr-1, de-1
Spinster (Sandra F) Structured Data on Commons (SDC) templates and data modeling for upload tools + related documentation

Batch tools for Commons and Wikidata

Wikidata, SDC, data modeling
  • Telegram: @trnstlntk
  • And other channels listed here
nl, en, fr-2, de-1
Amir E. Aharoni (Amire80) Helping people translate, localize, and write localizable code. Fix RTL bugs. translatewiki. Keyboards for languages in which it's hard to type. Wikimedia Incubator. ru, he-5, en-4, ca-3, es-2, fr-2, ht-2, el-1, ar-1
Envlh (Envel Le Hir) Wikidata, Lexemes Wikidata, Lexicographical data, SPARQL, MySQL, ... fr, en-3 16 May, 18:10
VPoundstone-WMF (Virginia Poundstone) help desk / meet and learn about the technical community's needs WMF APIs, capturing developer pain points and product opportunities
  • Email:
  • Telegram: @vpoundstone
en, fr-3, de-4
Dimitrios Ringas Announcements, Blogging and anything I can help with possibly on wikidata or Toolforge Wikidata, python, js, jekyll, etc
  • Telegram: @DimitriosRingas
el, en
User:Valerio Bozzolan Hacking on Wikimedia Phabricator, and bugfixes Phabricator, Phorge, PHP, SPARQL, JS, Linux
  • Telegram: @bozzy
en, it 18 May, 20:40
CristianCantoro meta:Community Health Metrics python, SQL, docker, Linux
  • Telegram: @CristianCantoro
it, en, fr, es, ca 18 May, 22:00
Effie Mouzeli (WMF) Maps infrastructure reliability (wikitech:Maps) SRE, systems, services, puppet, kubernetes, help surviving Athens
  • IRC: effie
  • Telegram: effie in Telegram group
  • Email:
el, en
Loren Johnson (WMDE)
  • Telegram: @ZissouDown
  • Email:
en, es 18 May, 21:00
Christoph Jauera (WMDE-Fisch) Projects related to WMDE Technical Wishes or (wikitech:Maps) Supporting Newcomers. All projects related to WMDE Technical Wishes. Maps, (Browser-)Tests. MediaWiki in general
  • Email:
  • Phabricator/Gerrit/IRC: WMDE-Fisch
  • Talk page
de, en 18 May, 15:00
Svantje Lilienthal (WMDE) Real-time collaboration MediaWiki, PHP, JS
  • email:
  • Phabricator/Gerrit/IRC: lilients
Ciell WLM related stuff: Montage jurytool (looking for front-end dev & general support!), Monumental (looking for general support!), WLM & Wikidata
  • Email:
  • Telegram: @CiellVanB
nl, en, de 18 May, 16:00
Joe on demand mediawiki debug environments Kubernetes, wikimedia infrastructure, mediawiki
  • Email:
  • Irc: _joe_
it, en 18 May, 14:00
Adee Ritman
  • Email:
en, he 18 May, 21:00
Wolfgang Fahl/RWTH Aachen i5 Wikidata: Get your own copy of wikidata / run your own mirror of wikidata services wikidata, Semantic MediaWiki, SPARQL, Knowledge Graphs, Triplestores
  • Email:
en, de 18 May, 10:40
HakanIST Wikidata
  • Telegram: @HakanISTwm
  • Email:
en, tr
Robert Timm (WMDE) docker, nix/nixos, js/ts, vue.js
  • Email:
  • Telegram: @rti42
en, de 18 May, 14:00
Matthias Mullie MediaWiki, Structured Data
  • Email:
  • Telegram: @matthiasmullie
nl, en, [fr] 18 May, 14:45
Volans TBD infrastructure related Wikimedia production infrastructure, Python
  • IRC: volans
it, en, es, fr
Marius Hoch (hoo) Admin tools, Wikidata, …, whatever comes up :) Wikidata (Wikibase), MediaWiki.
  • IRC: hoo
de, en 18 May, 17:30
Carla Toro (WMCL) Documentation, Wikidata
  • Email:
  • Twitter: @Soylacarlii
es, en 18 May
user:Bawolff (brian wolff) rich media in mediawiki mediawiki backend, mediawiki extensions, web application security irc: bawolff . Or user talk:bawolff en
Toghrul Rahimli Wikidata Wikidata related tools, js, bots
  • Email:
  • Telegram: t0grul
az, tr, en, ru 18 May, 09:30
Aida Aslanova Automatization tools, regex
  • Email:
  • Telegram: aaidarb
az, tr, en, ru 18 May, 09:30
Krishna Chaitanya (KC) - WMF data, analytics, visualization Python, SQL, PAWS, Plotly-Dash
  • Telegram: @kcvelaga
en, te, hi
Marcin Kostrzewski (FANDOM) Thanks extension, Cargo extension, MobileFrontend extension Mediawiki, PHP, HTML/JS/CSS, React Telegram: @emkarcinos en, pl
Martyna Nowicka


Thanks extension, Date filter in Special:DeletedContributions MediaWiki, PHP, Python, SQL all social links are on my Github: en, pl
Goo3 wikidata

automatization tools check user tools

check users

wikidata JS-bots HTML/CSS

tg: dedushka en, sp, uk
Máté Szabó (FANDOM) Extensions, MCR, getting stuff done Mediawiki, PHP etc. IRC: mszabo, telegram: @mszabo_fandom en, hu, la
Bárbara Martínez - WMF An introduction to Codex and helping people with their designs Design, Design System, Figma en, sp
Miriam Schlindwein HTML/CSS/JS, frontend Telegram: @miriamschlindwein en, de
Szymon Świergosz (Fandom) Thanks extension, frontend HTML/CSS/JS, React, Vue, Design en, pl
Chico Venancio Lutz, PAWS, general tools Python, SQL, PAWS chicocvenancio en, pt
Elfix (talk) Lingua Libre RDFS/OWL, SPARQL, general tools IRC - Elfix@libera fr
Niharika Kohli IP Masking Anything about checkuser tools, Incident Reporting System, trust & safety related tooling Telegram - Niharika en, hi
Edward OSM/Wikidata Link (OWL Map) Wikidata / OpenStreetMap email: / telegram: edwardbetts en
Željko Filipin Create MediaWiki-Docker documentation for all repositories with Selenium tests, Upgrade WebdriverIO to v8 in all repositories, Refactor WebdriverIO tests from sync to async mode Selenium, MediaWiki-Docker, zeljkof, telegram: @zeljkof en, hr
User:simon04 locator-tool, Bilderwünsche (picture requests), MultimediaViewer?, WikiDaheim?, lists of monuments?, Commons workflow for photographers de, en, (it)
MARKELLOS General support el, en, de
putnik References editor for Wikidata, export from infoboxes to Wikidata Wikidata, Lua/Scribunto/Modules, SPARQL, JS/TS/gadgets
  • Telegram: @putnik
  • Discord: @putnik#1989
ru, en