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Сви Викимедијини пројекти везани за мобилне апликације се развијају од стране тима који је везан за одређену платформу. За генерана питања о Википедијиним апликацијама, погледајте:

Зашто правимо апликације?

  • Погледајте нашу објаву на нашем блогу да видите разлоге за објављивање апликација.

What is the difference between the apps and the mobile web version of Wikipedia?

The Wikipedia apps provide an optimized and streamlined experience for searching and reading Wikipedia content. Being native apps, they allow articles to load faster, and with less data usage. They also delivers a more responsive interface that is more consistent with other apps that you love. They add features that are not available (or not possible) in the web version of Wikipedia, such as saving pages to the device for later reading, and sharing content and images from articles to your favorite social media apps.

Преузимање апликација

  • Преузмите Wikipedia iOS апликацију са App Store.

Updates and team information

See Wikimedia Apps/Team/iOS for more information about the iOS team and their updates.

See Wikimedia Apps/Team/Android for more information about the Android team and their updates.

Бета тестирање


  • Once enrolled you will receive an invitation when the next beta is available. Tap through on that invitation on your iOS device and follow the instructions to install.


  • Install the Wikipedia Beta app from the Google Play Store to experiment and provide feedback on features that are currently in development.

Алфа тестирање


  • If you want to be on the bleeding edge, install the Wikipedia Alpha app to see what features we're experimenting with! The new version comes almost every day except weekends & holidays (vacations). Mostly 20:00 – 23:00 CEST.


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