Wikimedia Apps/App requests


How to submit a request[edit]

If you'd like to request help from the Android and/or iOS team, please create a task in Phabricator.

  • For Android, use the tag #wikipedia-android-app
  • For iOS, use the tag #wikipedia-ios-app

Requests are reviewed by the team in our weekly Phab triage (currently on Mondays) and inform the priorities of new work.

For Unbreak Now tasks that concern us, please be sure to use our Phab tags and notify our team Slack channels.

  • For Android, ping #android
  • For iOS, ping #ios

Provide the following information to help us prioritize and respond to your request appropriately:[edit]

  • What team(s) or group is this for?
  • Who is your main point of contact and contact preference?
    • We use Phabricator to track our work and provide progress updates.
  • What are the details of your request?
    • Be sure to include specific timelines or deadlines.
    • Please provide any examples, links to documentation, or other relevant information that would help us understand your request.
    • Also let us know if you are expecting us to work with you on the request, or if we are expected to complete it on our own.
  • How does the request fit within the departmental or foundation priorities?
    • This helps us understand the context and priority, please include the following:
      • What are your goals?
      • Will you take different actions depending on the results of this request?
      • How does resolving this task move your team/department/foundation priorities forward?
      • Are your or other teams actively working or about to start working on this goal?
      • What, if any, are the impacts on app users specifically?
  • Is this request urgent or time sensitive?
    • We try to reply to “Urgent” requests within one work day. All other requests will be prioritized during our weekly triage, usually at the beginning of the week.

Do you have a question about the app? Have a feature request or found a bug?[edit]

We strive to keep our FAQs up to date:

If you have a question that is not included here, or if some information seems outdated, please let us know.

You can create a task in Phabricator and tag it with the appropriate team(s). We will triage these in the same manner as requests.

For bugs specifically, please use the “new bug report” form, which will contain steps to reproduce and additional details that may help us investigate the problem.