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This is a page of a Wikimedia Foundation engineering team working on Wikipedia Apps only.
For a general overview of Wikimedia related mobile applications, see m:Wikimedia Apps instead!

Todas las aplicaciones móviles relacionadas con proyectos de Wikimedia (nativas). Cada aplicación es desarrollada por un equipo específico para esa plataforma. Para preguntas generales sobre las aplicaciones de Wikipedia, vea:

Why make apps?

* Check out our initial blog post to see more of our reasoning for releasing apps.

What is the difference between the apps and the mobile web version of Wikipedia?

The Wikipedia apps provide an optimized and streamlined experience for searching and reading Wikipedia content. Being native apps, they allow articles to load faster, and with less data usage. They also delivers a more responsive interface that is more consistent with other apps that you love. They add features that are not available (or not possible) in the web version of Wikipedia, such as saving pages to the device for later reading, and sharing content and images from articles to your favorite social media apps.

Download the Apps

Actualizaciones e información del equipo

Véase Wikimedia Apps/Team/iOS para más información acerca del equipo de iOS y sus actualizaciones.

Véase Wikimedia Apps/Team/Android para más información acerca del equipo de Android y sus actualizaciones.

Pruebas beta


  • Las versiones Beta para iOS son distribuidas mediante el sistema Apple TestFlight. [¡https://testflight.apple.com/join/Z0AU0KXC junto Wikipedia Beta!].
  • Una vez inscrito, recibirás una invitación cuando la próxima Beta esté disponible. Acepta la invitación en tu dispositivo iOS y sigue las instrucciones para instalar.


  • Instala la aplicaciónWikipedia Beta de la Google Play Store para experimentar y retroalimentar sobre las características que están en desarrollo.

Pruebas alpha


  • Si quieres estar en la borda experimental, ¡instala la aplicación de Wikipedia Alpha para ver con qué características estamos experimentando! La nueva versión sale casi todos los días con excepción de los fines de semana y en vacaciones. Por lo general, de 20:00 a 23:00 CEST.


Work Boards

* Browse the Android and iOS task boards in Phabricator .


The Wikipedia apps team is always excited to engage with users; the newsletter is diffently one of the main tools to keep our users updated with our work.

Subscribe to our newsletter, and volunteer to translate our newsletter so it can reach more users.

Office Hours

The Wikipedia apps team started to organize office hours with the community users in March 2023 as a two-way communication channel with the users; check our Office Hours for detailed information, announcements, and summaries as well.

Community Collaboration and Meetings

This section highlights the Wikimedia Apps Team's active engagement with various Wikimedian initiatives and user groups. Through regular meetings, we prioritize community feedback and ideas, enriching the apps' features and user experience. This collaborative approach ensures that our apps align with the community's needs and preferences, fostering a stronger and more inclusive platform for all users.

  • On March 8th of 2023, the Wikimedia Apps Team had a successful meeting with the Dagbani Wikimedians User Group. This user group is dedicated to promoting Wikimedia projects in Gur/Mabia languages, spoken across West Africa. During the meeting, we provided a tutorial on using the Wikipedia app and editing. The attendees expressed a high interest in offline editing tools, which came as a pleasant surprise to us. We value their feedback and remain committed to collaborating with user groups to improve the Wikipedia app's accessibility and functionality. Together, we promote knowledge sharing and support linguistic diversity through Wikimedia projects.
  • On July 30th of 2023, the Wikimedia Apps Team had a fruitful meeting with the Wiki Mentor Africa Initiative. Over 100 participants joined on Zoom, with others watching the YouTube live stream. The presentation covered the Apps' history, roadmap, open questions, feature reviews, and FAQs. Valuable feedback was shared, enhancing the apps' development and user experience. These collaborative engagements are vital to building a more inclusive Wikimedia platform.

Community wishlist

The Community Wishlist Survey is an annual survey that allows contributors to the Wikimedia projects to propose and vote for tools and platform improvements.

Community wishlist survey 2022

* The full list of 2022 survey is here and the results that was released during January of 2023 is here.