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All Wikimedia-project-related (native) mobile applications. Each app is developed by a team specific to that platform. For general questions about the Wikipedia apps, see:

For the Commons app, Medical Wikipedia app, and Wikivoyage app, see m:Wikimedia Apps. For the KaiOS app, see Wikipedia for KaiOS.

Stažení aplikací

Updates and team information

See Wikimedia Apps/Team/iOS for more information about the iOS team and their updates.

See Wikimedia Apps/Team/Android for more information about the Android team and their updates.

Beta testování


  • iOS Betas are distributed using the Apple TestFlight system. Join Wikipedia Beta!
  • Once enrolled you will receive an invitation when the next beta is available. Tap through on that invitation on your iOS device and follow the instructions to install.


  • Install the Wikipedia Beta app from the Google Play Store to experiment and provide feedback on features that are currently in development.

Alfa testování


  • If you want to be on the bleeding edge, install the Wikipedia Alfa app to see what features we're experimenting with! Nová verze aplikace Wikipedie Alfa vychází většinou každý den s výjimkou víkendů a prázdnin. Většinou okolo 20:00 - 23:00 SELČ.

Get Involved

Proč vytváříme aplikace?

  • Check out our initial blog post to see more of our reasoning for releasing apps.

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