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Wikimedia provides a friendly environment to it's users. Currently it uses a system that allows editors to define filters which will be applied to all actions taking place on the site, in order to mitigate spam and vandalism. The project idea given below lists all the improvements that can be implemented with some filters integrated to it.

Flow Edit Filter Integration[edit]

Name and contact information[edit]

Name: Shikha Shree
IRC or IM networks/handle(s): shrees on IRC
Location: Kolkata,India
Typical working hours: I will be available the entire day except between 1a.m to 5a.m (Time zone-GMT+ 5:30)


Wikimedia projects currently use a system that allows editors to define filters which will be applied to all actions taking place on the site, in order to mitigate spam and vandalism. Flow, Wikimedia’s discussion system in development, currently does not allow such filters to process actions that affect Flow's content. This will be a prerequisite for wider deployments on Wikimedia sites. My project involves determining the types of Flow actions that will need to be targeted by edit filters, and implementing the required integration.


Timeline December 10 - December 17

I would first want to spend a bit of time talking to people about Flow and the Edit Filter, and at the same time, try to find out how other extensions have integrated with the Edit Filter before I will get familiar with the front end of the project.

December 18 - December 21 Discuss the codes and try to get some more idea about how to use filters in Wikiproject associated with Flow.

December 22 - December 26 I'll also get my head around the best places to integrate with Flow. Then I would probably come up with a first prototype to make sure that I am approaching my task in the right way, and to get early feedback.

December 27- December 31 I will work on vandalism.For this A/B testing can be very beneficial.This though not completely but has already been implemented by Mediawiki.I will work more over it.Right now the test work on these steps 1.A switch parser function randomly selects one of the test or control templates based on time. 2.The chosen template is substituted on to the user talk page, and appears normal. 3.Blank templates transcluded in each test or control message allow for tracking receipt of template

But this is mostly based on hypothetical results, I will work on experimental section.

January 1 - 10 Once this is done I would try to Use filters to put a check on conversations that thread to infinite depth. Filters will be used to easily distinguish useful topics. Try to implement a reply button to replace inconsistent reply system. Automatic signing would be implemented. Notifications of replies would be given to all wiki users.

January 11 - January 31 Mediawiki provides a very friendly environment to its users but filters can be implemented to provide

  • Productive, efficient discussions that resolve the issue at hand quickly. :The conversations should take place at a faster pace. New users should be able to easily contact experienced editors. Also unappropriate and harmful topics should be easily and quickly removed from the discussion.
  • Filters will be used to introduce transparency and ease in communication would be introduced: Wikimedia should have Editors from all over the world so that ease in communication is introduced. People should be given the ease to communicate in their own languages.

February 1 - February 28

  • Users will be given the freedom to start a new topic themself for discussion
  • a human-readable timestamp will be introduced indicating when a comment was posted, when it was last modified, and by whom.
  • an affordance with the use of filters will be there for hiding or unhiding a post – hidden comments will leave a placeholder visible to all users.
  • another affordance for deleting or undeleting a post (viewable only for administrators) – a deleted post will leave a placeholder visible to all users.
  • filters will be used to determine history of the post, including modification and state changes (edited, hidden, unhidden, etc.)

March 1 - March 10

Modifications Crosschecking and re-editing of posts submitted by the user would be done at a faster pace instead of present time taken as around one week. If any contribution is done in a flow enabled WikiProject response to it will be given at a faster rate.There will be one to one interaction between mentor and user.

About you[edit]

This is Shikha Shree, a 4th year B.Tech undergraduate from Netaji Subhash Engineering College, Kolkata , India. I am pursuing my B.Tech in Electronics and Instrumentation. I am good with C and Java. I also have few experience of working with PHP and HTML. As far as working with FOSS is considered, I don't have much experience but have edited few pages in Wikipedia.

Working with this project would be a great experience for me as this would be my first ever fully fleged technical project with FOSS. Being a student of a core branch and doing a fully coded project would mean a lot to me.

I would like to include my github which includes some of my codes


As far as working with FOSS is considered, I don't have much experience but have edited few pages in Wikipedia.

Any other info[edit]

This project mean a lot to me. First of all, this would be my first step to a fully technical project in FOSS. I always try to learn new stuffs so a 180 degrees of turn from a core stream to a fully coded project would be great fun to me. i am here to learn, which I think I will learn a lot during the entire project hopefully if I get a chance.

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