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Name:Cam Vilay
Project title: Confidence Assessment within Computer Adaptative Learning Environment

Contact/working info[edit]

Typical working hours:9-5
IRC or IM networks/handle(s):(gchat) cvilay

Project summary[edit]


Document and study user reactions to computer adaptive testing interface mock-ups for Mediawiki Quiz extension form options to detect and assess the confidence of participants responding to a quiz.


Advanced learner-adaptive testing as described in the GIFT microformat's "Learner Adaptation" proposed extensions (see also "Notes for further work" for details) we will detect and assess the confidence of someone responding to a quiz or testing scenario. So a true/false question might be presented with five (certainly, probably, maybe, probably not, certainly not) answer selections, instead of just two. As for multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank questions, there would be three submit buttons in addition to the selection controls instead of just one: (certainly, probably, maybe.)

About you[edit]

I'm 30. I recently started college, again. In the years that I should have spent in college (and beyond), I was traveling with no attachment. While immersed in new environments I had the greatest opportunity of all: learning about people. I'm fascinated about the process that makes us "go".

I am a second-year philosophy student at Merritt College, with the intention of transferring into Humanities or Motion Graphic Design. I am a freelance photographer and an IT specialist for an architecture firm in San Francisco. I have a diverse work history with jobs that vary from architect intern, systems administrator, semi-truck driver, and designer to name a few. I also have a logistics background from the U.S. Air Force.

I have a strong passion for photography, visual communication, design, and technology; with an emerging affection for open-source programming. Despite my humble contributions to the Wiki community, I'm diving head-first and immersing myself in various projects.

My intention is to provide user experience testing of different interface choices for confidence assessment in a computer adaptive learning environment. This is highly applicable to my current lifestyle, as I am exclusively taking online courses in college.

I am interested in so many different subjects it is hard for me to fit into our linear society. I want to understand and solve problems by looking at them through a different lens. I want to paint with math and philosophize about business strategies. Because of my many different interests and experiences I believe I am able to think provide creative solutions for complex problems. I am not hindered by a history of one singular piece of work, rather I am open to everything that is new and revolutionary.


Required deliverables[edit]

  • Interface mockups of several Mediawiki Quiz extension quizzes with different controls intended to assess confidence, for true/false, multiple choice, multiple response, fill-in-the-blank.
  • Uploaded videos of several children/teenagers and/or beginning English users using the forms, where people can study them.
  • Basic information about average timing and throughput
  • Refinements of the CSS and possibly HTML code of each based on observations of the users with the mockup questions
  • Results of surveys about the various choices

If time permits[edit]

  • As above fort pronunciation question mock-ups

Project schedule[edit]

  • Week of May 24 Start with schematic design of various user interface mock-ups.
  • Week of May 31 Recruit and assess user participation groups
  • Week of June 7 Develop functional user interface designs (dependent upon participant demographic)
  • Week of June 14 Test. Develop design.
  • Week of June 21 Begin and document participant interaction.
  • Week of June 28 Develop scoring system for participant response. Document point system. Test.
  • Week of July 5 Evaluate feasibility of current UI design. Submit video of participant responses.
  • Week of July 12 Revision of UI based off group feedback
  • Week of July 19 Evaluate Project for Midterm.
  • Week of July 26 Re-Test participants if necessary. Document tests.
  • Week of August 2 Submit final observation report and submit CSS/HTML code for final submittal.

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