Social tools/List of extensions


The following list contains extensions under the social tools umbrella, ranked by stability.


  • AJAXPoll – An extension to allow people to create and vote on polls.
  • BlogPage – Adds tools for users to create and read blog posts.
  • Comments – Allows for a ‎<comments /> to allow users to comment on articles.
  • Contribution Scores - Adds a fun metric for contributors to see how much they are helping out.
  • FanBoxes – Adds an easier method to create userboxes.
  • Highly Automated Welcome Tool (HAWelcome) – Automatically posts a welcome message to new users' User Boards if configured to do so; can also be used independently of SocialProfile or other social tools.
  • ImageRating - Adds a new special page, Special:ImageRating, where privileged users can categorize and rate images.
  • LinkFilter – Allows for users to submit news links, and for privileged users to approve them.
  • MediaWikiChat – Adds a special page for users to engage in real-time chat.
  • NewSignupPage – Enhances the default signup page to require users to check that they agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.
  • PictureGame – Allows users to create and play picture games.
  • PollNY – Adds various features to allow for creation and moderation of polls.
  • QuizGame – Allows users to create and take quizzes.
  • RandomGameUnit – Displays a random picture game, poll, or quiz.
  • SiteMetrics – Creates a special page that displays statistics regarding the usage of social tools.
  • UserWelcome – Adds user-specific social info where the ‎<welomeUser /> tag is present.
  • VoteNY – Adds a ‎<vote /> tag that allows users to vote on or rate pages.
  • WikiTextLoggedInOut – Adds ‎<loggedin>...‎</loggedin> and ‎<loggedout>...‎</loggedout> tags that display different content based on a user's login state.


  • Challenge – Allows users to challenge each others, and have the loser of the challenge do a specified task (i.e. "edit page X and add info about event Y") and gain points while at it
  • MiniInvite – Adds two new special pages, Special:InviteEmail and Special:EmailNewArticle, for sending out invitation emails to your friends. This is needed, together with the NewSignupPage extension, if you want to give out points for recruiting users to your wiki.
  • SportsTeams – Adds networking features to a user's profile regarding sports teams.
  • UserStatus – Allows users to add status updates to their profiles.
  • Video – Allows users to import videos from external services such as YouTube and Dailymotion.
  • WikiForum – Enables a forum on the wiki for users to post in topics and create different boards.