Social tools/Echo


Social tools extensions have been progressing to eventually support Echo notifications for different events. Currently, only SocialProfile supports these so far.


SocailProfile's initial echo support was originally added by Ikasty on a fork, which can be seen at It was partially rewritten, expanded on and cleaned up by Jack Phoenix, and merged by Lewis Cawte. (Gerrit change 278868, Gerrit change 325141)

  • SystemGifts
i18n message Event Header message Body message Primary link Secondary link
notification-social-award-rec You have received a new award: $1 None
notification-social-award-rec-bundle You have received {{PLURAL:$1|one new award|$1 new awards}}. None
notification-social-msg-send $1 just left a message for you. $2 None
notification-social-msg-send-bundle {{PLURAL:$1|One person|$1 people|100=99+ people}} left messages for you. None
notification-social-gift-send-no-message $1 just sent a gift to you: $2
notification-social-gift-send-with-message $1 just sent a gift to you: $2. $3
notification-social-gift-send-bundle {{PLURAL:$1|One person|$1 people}} sent you gifts.
notification-social-rel-add-friend-message $1 wants to be your friend.$2
notification-social-rel-add-foe-message $1 wants to be your foe.$2
notification-social-rel-add-friend-no-message $1 wants to be your friend.
notification-social-rel-add-foe-no-message $1 wants to be your foe.
notification-social-rel-accept-friend You became friends with $1.
notification-social-rel-accept-foe You became foes with $1.
notification-social-rel-accept-email-subject $1 has accepted your relationship request!
notification-social-rel-accept-email-batch-body $1 has accepted your relationship request.
notification-social-level-up You have leveled up to \"$1\"!
notification-social-level-up-bundle You have leveled up {{PLURAL:$1|one level|$1 levels}} to $2!


WikiForum doesn't have notifications, but it was worked on by UltrasonicNXT in commit Gerrit change 215107 a few months after ticket #355 at brickimedia/brickimedia on GitHub was created. It has since then been abandoned.