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MediaWiki extensions manual
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Release status: stable

QuizGame MediaWiki extension.png
Implementation Special page
Description Interactive question game that uses AJAX
Author(s) Aaron Wright
Ashish Datta
David Pean
Jack Phoenix
Latest version 3.2
MediaWiki 1.26+
Database changes Yes
License GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
Example Development/Testing wiki on Wikimedia Labs


Added rights


Hooks used

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QuizGame extension allows users to create interactive quizzes and take them.

Special:QuizGameHome is the main page for quizzes. Special:QuizLeaderboard shows the users who have answered correctly in most quizzes. Special:QuizRecalcStats can be used by quiz administrators to recalculate quiz statistics. Special:ViewQuizzes can be used to view all available quizzes.


  • SocialProfile extension
  • New database tables: quizgame_questions, quizgame_answers, quizgame_choice and quizgame_user_view


  1. Dump the files into $IP/extensions/QuizGame
  2. Create the three required database tables (by re-running the MediaWiki updater script, update.php)
  3. Add require_once("$IP/extensions/QuizGame/QuestionGame.php"); into the wiki's LocalSettings.php
  4. Installation can now be verified through the wiki's Special:Version

User rights[edit]

This extension adds one new user right, quizadmin which allows administering quizzes. By default sysops and staff have this user right.

User points[edit]

  • $wgUserStatsPointValues['quiz_answered'] — set this to something to give out points for answering existing quiz game questions.
  • $wgUserStatsPointValues['quiz_correct'] — I have no idea what this does. Related comment from source code: "Add to stats how many quizzes the user has answered correctly"
  • $wgUserStatsPointValues['quiz_created'] — set this to something to give out points for creating new quiz games.
  • $wgUserStatsPointValues['quiz_points'] — I have no idea what this does. Related comment from source code: "Add to point total"


  • $wgQuizLogs — whether to log quiz creations or not. Defaults to true.
  • $wgCreateQuizThresholds — for example 'edits' => 5 if you want to require users to have at least 5 edits before they can create new quizzes. Defaults to an empty array (no restrictions).
  • $wgQuizID — this is the internal ID number of the current quiz and is used by QuizGame internally. It's documented here only for the sake of completeness. Do not set it!

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