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Pywikibot : - Fixing few Core Problems and Enhacements[edit]

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Name and contact information[edit]

Name : Priyanka Jayaswal
Email :
IRC handle : prijaya
Blog : Blog
Location : Kharagpur, India
Typical working hours : 15:00 - 2:00 (GMT) with sufficient breaks in between.


The purpose of this project is to speed-up the completion of project on phabricator. While working on pywikibots for applying in FOSS OPW Round 9 Project on Pywikibots, I have been familiar with the apt workflow needed to carry on with the much organised code of conduct to start further contribution. is responsible to create Interlanguage links between the different language versions of a project which is essential to extend the vast wikimedia resource to a larger audience and hence motivate towards further involvement developed due to special (though undefined anywhere but do existing) "Language Sentiments". This might surely add in improving the service it has been providing by many folds if the issues mentioned are fixed as early as possible. Hence, owing to my interest to work further towards contributing in this interesting subject, I was motivated to apply for it and utilise my knowledge to it's best.

Have a deeper look at the proposal for elaborate description.

Mentors: Amir Sarabadani, John Vandenberg


Documentation for the project shall go parallely.

Week Number Week Task


25th May - 2nd June

T59097 Port to core branch

T76452 does not update languages with "long code".

T74943 interwiki dump format


3rd June - 10th June

T57204 [[en:Blah|Blah]] isn't an interwiki

T57105 Add a new option to

T57107 let optionally create (used) category pages


11th June - 18th June

T57067 Clarify message for removal of all interwiki links

T57313 -hintfile: option

T57058 force improvement for interwiki


19th June -26th June

T57080 Reject all

T57064 interwiki -skip

T57097 -select when reading


27th June - 4th July T57089 regexp functionality for -hint option

T57031 Proposed add -skipconflictpage to

T69895 Interwiki: Search other wikipedias for identical page name and connect via Wikidata

T57098 -noredirect:language


5th July - 12th July

T57090 Allow multiple interwiki links to one language

T57082 Warning for cross-namespace interwiki links

T57074 commons in


13th July- 20th July Wrap up the backlogs and documentation of any.


21st July - 28th July T57301 redirect pages not properly followed.

T57323 interwiki links on subpages in templates


29th July - 6th Aug T57316 {{Delete}} and #REDIRECT

T57307 Section headers with templates are not correctly recognised

T57101 Edit summary should sort interwikis the same way as in page


7th Aug- 15th Aug T57234 bug with section titles in

T57114 Ask before creating graphs in

T57063 -untranslatedonly + -hint


16th Aug- 24th Aug Complete wrapping up and backlogs of the above listed tasks if any.


Since already mentioned my aim is to speeden up the resolving of the project which I may do by fixing part-wise issues especially CORE , COMPAT and some under ENHANCEMENTS sections in the project's workboard.

The project seems to be delayed just because of the attention needed towards other essential problems. So I may help by fixing the minor issues and parallely speeding up the whole process. Since these have already been properly mentioned at the phabricator workboard it makes it extremely easy to sort down the points to focus upon. Also my prior experience through my earlier project has given me a better idea about the codebase, hence making it easier for me to help. For the purpose, mailing lists, irc chats and other resources like phabricator comphrehence and hangouts have been really essential during my earlier work experience. Besides, as already been following the tradition of blog making I shall keep up with it this time as well with more detailed descriptions. This is how I plan to accomplish the needful.

About you[edit]

Education completed or in progress?
I am a third year undergraduate student of the Department of Mathematics pursuing five year Integrated M.Sc. course in Mathematics and Computing at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India.
How did you hear about this program?
I came to know about this through my colleague who had shared the news through various social networking platforms.
Will you have any other time commitments, such as school work, another job, planned vacation, etc., during the duration of the program?
I'm a student and beside college activities I have no other commitments. And since I am willing to apply for the Summer duration there would be no constraints in my working hours throughout the tenure except at the starting till my vacation commences. So I have enough time to be active in social media , mailing lists and IRC most importantly. I'll be constraint during my exams which are from 20th April- 28th April.

Past experience[edit]

Please describe your experience with any other FOSS projects as a user and as a contributor
I am a user of various Mediawiki projects and quite familiar with pywikibots due to my earlier project on the same (Pywikibot:Compat- to Core Migration). I was a newbie in open source contribution when I had initially applied for OPW Round 9. I'm fortunate to be continuing with it and expand my knowledge in the same domain.

Besides, I have used several free/open source softwares for my day to day activities. I use Ubuntu as my operating system due to which I am familiar with a number of such softwares. In general I use, softwares like VLC, GIMP, OpenCV, XAMPP , Blender and many others. I have often used resources from internet particularly from Mediawiki projects for references in academic and co-curricular activities.You may have a look at my contribution list here.

I am interested in applying for project Pywikibot : - Speed Up.

Mediawiki :

Please describe any relevant projects that you have worked on previously and what knowledge you gained from working on them.
I have previously worked on OPW Round 9 project - Pywikibot: Compat to Core Migration apart from the basic web development experience I have and computing knowledge through assignments in my curriculum. The links for which may be found below:

1 :

2 : [It is one my earliest projects and I don't intend to change anything in this keeping it original for my personal purpose]

What project(s) are you interested in (these can be in the same or different organizations) other than this?
I propose to work for : Core, Compat and few Enhancement fixes. The details upon how I intend to do that may be seen in my proposal.

Any other info[edit]

It was interesting to understand the internal code base of pywikibots and the extended list of features it has. Through my experience as an OPW intern, I was exposed to a really vast medium of resources which need our involvement at extending the present feature list of Wikimedia services. It personally feel that being part of such a vast project has instilled in me confidence to take upon any further tasks in future and bring my knowledge to the best of my usage.