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Handbuch:Benutzer umbenennen

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This page is a translated version of the page Manual:Renameuser and the translation is 6% complete.

Renameuser provides a special page which allows authorized users to rename user accounts. After the rename is complete, user contributions and page histories will also reflect the new user name. If you want to rename an account "into" another, already existing acount, try the Erweiterung:UserMerge extension instead.

Prior to MediaWiki 1.40 , this was part of Extension:Renameuser . (T27482)


Refer to Help:Renameuser for how to use this feature.


By default, only bureaucrats can rename accounts. You can grant other groups this right via $wgGroupPermissions , for example:

$wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['renameuser'] = true;


  • This feature can move user subpages even if the performer does not have the move-subpages right. Similarly, the number of subpages moved is not limited by the $wgMaximumMovedPages setting. The feature also moves css, js and any other protected subpages.
  • If Erweiterung:CentralAuth is installed, the rename interface is disabled for local users that are attached to a global account, or to a username reserved by a global account.

You should use CentralAuth's built-in Special:GlobalRenameUser and Special:GlobalRenameRequest/Special:GlobalRenameQueue instead.

However, accounts can be renamed to names that are blacklisted by AbuseFilter or restricted by other means.


Known issues

  • Due to a bug, you can't rename your own account (i.e. the account performing the rename) (task T267477).

Use the command line maintenance script to do the rename, or use a different account to do the rename.

  • If an account has a large number of userpages that the rename times out while moving them from User:A/subpage... to User:B/subpage..., What do I do now?
    You can't fix the situation by immediately trying again to rename User A to User B, because it will simply say "The user 'User A' does not exist." To fix the situation, rename User B back to User A, after unchecking the box "Move user and talk pages (and their subpages) to new name". Then rename User A to User B again, this time leaving the box "Move user and talk pages (and their subpages) to new name" checked. The page moving will resume where it left off.
  • Renameuser is currently incompatible with $wgSharedDB. See phab:T104830.