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Protection is used to restrict the making of changes to a page (edit or move), the creation of a page, or the upload of a file.

MediaWiki handles existing and not-existing pages differently, because not-existing pages don't have a page ID. That's why protection information is stored in two different tables, and listing of such pages are separate.


Information about protected pages or titles is stored in the page_restrictionsManual:Page restrictions table and protected_titlesManual:Protected_titles table tables.

Special pages[edit]

A list of protected pages can be found at Special:ProtectedPages. A list of protected titles can be found at Special:ProtectedTitles.


A page can be protected with the protectAPI:Protect API.

A list of protected pages can be retrieved with the allpagesAPI:Allpages API, using the apprtype parameter. A list of protected titles can be retrieved with the protectedtitlesAPI:Protectedtitles API.

Maintenance scripts[edit]

The protect.phpManual:protect.php maintenance script can be used to protect and unprotect pages from the command line.


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