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Questa pagina fornisce assistenza all'utilizzo di Pywikibot sul tuo computer, su Toolforge o usando PAWS: A Web Shell
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PAWS: A Web Shell è la maniera più semplice di cominciare ad utilizzare Pywikibot. L'installazione non è necessaria, si può usare l'interfaccia web per dare i comandi

Sul tuo computer
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Questa pagina ti aiuterà ad installare ed eseguire Pywikibot sui tuoi computer. Questo processo richiede quattro passaggi principali:

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Toolforge fornisce un'infrastruttura stabile che permette di eseguire bot in maniera continua o seguendo una tabella di marcia.

Installare Python

Scaricare e installare Python dalla pagina

Se Python è già installato sul tuo computer, controlla che la tua versione sia compatibile eseguendo python --version. Versioni di Python 2.7.4 o superiori, o Python 3.4 o superiori, sono compatibili con Pywikibot. However, Python versions below 3.5 can be dropped in near future. It is strictly recommended to use Python 3.5 or higher.

Modify the path

On Windows systems, even after installing python, the command line interface may not initially know where the python installation is located (although the installer has an option to make it know). In other words, if you enter the command


it may result in the following error:

'python' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

To fix this, you need to modify the environment variable named "path" and add the folder which contains "python.exe". On Windows 10, this is under Settings > System > About > System info > Advanced System Settings > Environment Variables. Closing and re-opening the command line, entering "python" should give some information about your current python installation. This same process can be repeated for pip. If you enter the command


and it displays an error, also add the folder containing "pip.exe" to the path.

Installare le dipendenze

An additional package named requests is required to run Pywikibot. Use pip, which is already installed if you have Python 2.7.9 or higher, or Python 3.4 or higher. Run the following command to install this package:

$ pip install requests

Installare Pywikibot

Scarica Pywikibot stable branch: .tar.gz, .zip.

Scompatta il file scaricato, ad esempio in /home/username/pywikibot or C:\Users\username\pywikibot.

Alternatively, you may retrieve the latest version using git or svn client from Gerrit, see Manual:Pywikibot/Gerrit#For users . This is the recommended way for active bot operators and developers to use Pywikibot.

Le vecchie versioni sono disponibili in

Aggiornare Pywikibot

Tieni il framework del tuo bot aggiornato. Tieni il framework del tuo bot aggiornato. Le nuove versioni sono rilasciate continuamente, e sono disponibili agli stessi indirizzi.

Se stai usando la release git o svn, puoi ignorare questa nota. Altrimenti, prendi in considerazione la necessità di eseguire un backup dei file di configurazione e degli script (, qualsiasi altro file tu abbia creato o modificato e i file di dump XML delle wiki sulle quali lavori) prima di installare la release.

Per aggiornare, scompatta semplicemente la nuova versione sulla vecchia sovrascrivendo tutti i file.

Configurazione di Pywikibot

Open Terminal on Unix-like (Linux/BSD/Solaris) or Command Prompt on Windows (typically under Windows System or Accessories folders in All apps or All programs menu inside the Start menu), and change directory to where you unpacked Pywikibot:

Unix-like (Linux/BSD/Solaris):
$ cd ~/pywikibot
$ c:
$ cd "\Users\username\pywikibot"

Of course substitute the location to where you unpacked Pywikibot.

Continue with the following command to generate user configuration file:

$ python generate_user_files

Follow the prompts to configure Pywikibot.

Finally run the following command to log in to your wiki:

$ python login

Utilizzare in wiki di terze parti

Pywikibot is pre-configured for a large number of wikis, but possibly not for the one you want to work on. See Manual:Pywikibot/Use on third-party wikis for how to configure Pywikibot for your wiki.

More configuration options

Pywikibot provides a wide range of configuration options to change the behavior of your bot. You can change these settings in the file See for a list of all parameters you can use.

Proxy configuration

Pywikibot relies on requests for communicating with the web. You can use HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY environment variables to make requests use a proxy server. Refer to requests' documentation for more info.

Run a script

Pywikibot comes packaged with a large number of scripts in the scripts directory. You can run all of these using:

$ python [name of the script]

A list of all scripts is available at Manual:Pywikibot/Scripts .

Altre dipendenze

Most scripts do not require additional packages, but a few of them will not work without. These are listed in requirements.txt together with their dependencies.

To install dependencies for some script, use pip, and run the following command:

$ pip install [name of the package]

Alternatively, run the following command to install all dependencies for all scripts at once:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Se hai bisogno di più aiuto per impostare Pywikibot, visita il canale IRC irc