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Ae user page is ae page ameat ae wiki uiser wi aen accoont oan the wiki, n wha's (maist proablie) ae contreebuter.

If you have registered, you can create your own user page. Your user page is linked in the top right. More importantly, others will see links to your user page from various places which assist wiki collaboration. This includes the "Recent changes" and "page history" displays (See Help:Tracking changes). You can also link to your user page within text of a wiki page, which is mainly useful on talk pages when you sign your name.

What to put on your user page[edit]

Uiser pages ar jist aes flexible aes onie ither wiki page, n it's ae page aneat ye n ye first, sae generallie fawk will lea ye tae freelie write yer uiser page in whitever format that ye like. It's ae featur tae heelp ither fawk ken wha ye ar, n tae bring the online communitie claiser thegather. Think o it aes ae “profile” page. Ye micht like tae mention whaur ye'r fae n whit yer job is. Foreby ye can say whit yer main airts o interest ar in relation til the topeec o the wiki, n describe contreebutions that ye'v makit or airts whaur ye'r interested in contreebutin til.

Uiser scratchpad / deveelopment airt[edit]

You can use your user page as a scratchpad. An area for developing ideas without cluttering the main namespace (see Help:Namespaces). If subpages are enabled (see Help:Subpages), you may find them useful for creating sub pages under your user page. However you should avoid expending too much effort within your own area of the wiki. Be bold! Edit the main wiki articles! If your wiki has a shared Sandbox page, you can also use it for quick (non-permanent) wiki experimentation.

Ither fawk's uiser pages[edit]

Aes mentioned abuin, ye'll see links til ither fawk's uiser pages, in monie places throochoot the wiki.

Uiser Contreebutions[edit]

Whan seein anither person's uiser page, aen addeetional link "user contributions" kiths in the "tools" o the sidebaur. This taks ye til ae leet o aw o this uiser's wiki eedits. Uise this tae get aen idea o hou proleefeec ae contreebuter somebodie is, or tae track don eedits dun bi ae uiser that's causin trooble/daein bad wiki eedits.

Eeditin anither bodie's page[edit]

It's generallie conseederit bad eteequette tae rewrite or rewaird anither person's uiser page. Eeditin is permittit, bit ye shid avoid addin information (or especiallie opeenions) that micht be miskent aes comin fea that uiser, in situations whaur this coud potentiallie cause upset. Some types o eedit ar widelie acceptable, n onlikelie tae cause upset:

  • Fixing internal links, when a page has been moved or deleted
  • Fixing broken external links
  • Categorizing or fixing categories of user pages.

Uiser tauk pages[edit]

Ilka uiser page haes aen assoceeatit tauk page; ae "user talk page". This is ae byordiair kynd o tauk page, fer leain messages directit at ae parteeculair uiser. See Uiser tauk pages.

Link to the reader's user page[edit]

Tae cræft ae link til the uiser page o the uiser that claps oan that link, uise Special:MaPage. Similarly, to link to the user talk page, use Special:MyTalk.