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Reminder: Structured Discussions were formerly called "Flow". Some tools and processes may have kept the old name.

Wikimedia Foundation wikis

Structured Discussions is only enabled on some Wikimedia wikis. Some of those wikis have it available as a Beta feature for all users. It will not be installed on any more Wikimedia wikis.

Other wikis

You will need to install the StructuredDiscussions extension on your wiki.


Sysops on wikis that have Structured Discussions installed have the right to create, move and delete Structured Discussions boards.

To activate flow, go to Special:EnableStructuredDiscussions on your wiki. Type the name of the page on the first form. The second textarea allows you to pre-fill the Board Description.

This performs the following tasks:

  • archives the talk page in wikitext in a sub-page;
  • Creates a new Structured Discussions Board replacing the talk page.
  • creates a link to the archive sub-page on Structured Discussions Board's description (the bar on the right side);

It is not possible to convert a wikitext page content to Structured Discussions.

This is due to Structured Discussions's structure (a Board with Topics).

Page moves are done like any other page.

Deletion of a Structured Discussion Board is done like any other page. However, if you want to archive the Board, move it to a sub-page instead.


On some wikis there was previously a Beta feature that allowed users to enable Structured Discussions on their talk page. This Beta feature is no longer supported, but users who once had it enabled can deactivate it.

If they do, "Flow talk page manager" does the following tasks:

  • unarchives their former wikitext talk page
  • archives the Structured Discussions Board on a sub-page. This archived page is at the following address: User talk:USERNAME/Structured_Discussions_Archive_1 .

To deactivate a Structured Discussions Board on any other page, move the page to an archive sub-page, then re-create a wikitext discussion page under the original title.

A maintenance script exists that copies the content of a Structured Discussions board to a wikitext page.

If you need any assistance when deactivating your page, please contact us.

Probably in 2024, all Structured Discussions pages will be deactivated and converted.

Rename, delete, restore

If you want to rename, delete or restore a Structured Discussions board, please see the Administration page.