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Si está activada la subida de archivos, puedes subir ciertos tipos de archivos a la wiki. Esto es particularmente útil para cargar imágenes, que quieres colocar en un artículo, pero también puedes subir otros tipos de archivo. Para habilitar esta característica, es posible que tengas que configurar la subida de archivos.

Cargar importación

  1. Prepare the file on your computer in its final format. Make sure the file is exactly as you want it.
  1. In the sidebar, under "herramientas", click "Subir archivo".
  1. Click "Browse" next to the "Nombre del archivo de origen:” to locate the file on your computer. (The "browse" button may have a different label depending on your web browser).
  1. Change the "Nombre del archivo de destino:" to something descriptive, if necessary.
  1. Fill in the "Resumen", if necessary.
  1. Click the "Subir un archivo" button.

Si se trata de un archivo grande, puede que tenga que esperar varios segundos para completar la carga.

Página de descripción de archivo

Each file gets its very own “file description page” on the wiki. The page name will be File : followed by the destination filename you provided. You can edit this page to provide more information about the file. For example, many public wiki projects are quite sensitive to copyright issues, and so you should explain on the description page where you got the file from, and what its copyright status is. Any other useful descriptive notes could also be added there.

Uso del archivo

After you've uploaded a new file, it doesn't automatically appear on any page -- not even the page you were on when you clicked on the "Subir archivo" link. You must decide on which pages of the wiki you want it to appear.

You can embed pictures and other images in a page. For instance, you may have uploaded a person's picture and want that picture to appear alongside the text on a page about that person. For information on how to embed an image, see Help:Images.

Some files may be of a type that cannot be embedded in a page (for example, a spreadsheet -- assuming the wiki allows such file types to be uploaded at all). Or the file may be an image that is so large it's only useful on its own page (for example a detailed map). Or you may simply be wanting to refer the readers to where they can download or replace the file. In each of these cases you don't want to embed the file in another page; you just want the page to have a link to the file description page (or to the file itself). For information on how to link to a file, see Help:Linking to files .

Listas de archivos

Hay varias páginas especiales para ayudarle a ver y gestionar los archivos que se han subido. Vaya a "Páginas especiales" (en la barra lateral) y, a continuación, escoja entre:

Véase Ayuda:Páginas especiales para detalles de la otra información disponible aquí.

See also

  • The Attachments extension can be used to attach files to pages.