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There are various other MediaWiki extensions that relate to Page Forms in some way.

Extensions that Page Forms can make use of, if they are installed[edit]

Providing editing interfaces within textarea fields:

Extensions that define Page Forms form inputs[edit]

Extensions intended to support Page Forms' template-based approach[edit]

  • Data Transfer - imports data from an external source into wiki pages with template calls.
  • NumerAlpha - displays an incrementing number (can be used for multiple-instance templates).

Obsolete extensions[edit]

The following Page Forms-related extensions are archived, obsolete, or at least appear to not be maintained.

That define PF form inputs[edit]

That otherwise require Page Forms[edit]

That support a template-based approach[edit]

  • IncludeOnlyNS - allows certain pages to be designated as "include-only", to enable less-hacky transclusion.
  • Negref - lets <ref> tags be added to wiki-text via a template parameter.
  • Page Object Model - provides an API for accessing and modifying fields within template calls.

That perform similar actions to Page Forms[edit]

That are based on Page Forms[edit]

  • PopUpFile - lets users add a popup file-upload window to any page.