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Extension:Page Forms/Hosting

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Currently the following wiki hosting sites offer support for Page Forms:

  • ProWiki - Modern Managed hosting by MediaWiki experts · One-click install · Updates included · Admin Panel · Dozens of extensions · Start your free trial now!
  • CiviHosting - Hosting firm with servers in the US and Europe offering installation, consulting, training and hosting for wikis small and large, including Semantic MediaWiki, Page Forms, Visual Editor and more
  • Biowikifarm - offers free hosting for open content projects and publications relating to biological topics. It includes Semantic MediaWiki, Page Forms and various other standard SMW-based extensions, in addition to custom extensions like Identification Tools.
  • Wiki-Valley.com (fr) - offers consulting, training and hosting for private or public wikis with Semantic MediaWiki, Page Forms, Visual Editor...
  • Miraheze - a non-profit, free and open source wiki farm that supports private and public wikis. Wikis can choose from a long list of extensions to enable at any time, including Page Forms.
  • MyWikis - Offers one-click automatic install of Page Forms on your wiki. Personalized wiki hosting at affordable prices. Get started with your wiki in under 5 minutes, and install Page Forms in 2 minutes.