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Below are some notable known bugs, and major planned features, for Page Forms.

You can also see a listing of bugs and requested features in the Phabricator Page Forms listing.

Known bugs[edit]

  • In created pages, "Free text" areas are not marked off to keep them separate from Sections. Any free-text underneath a section will get loaded into that section's input-box on "Edit with form". This applies to any text under a section: if you manually put a Category tag at the bottom of the page, when user goes to edit page with form, the Category tag will get loaded into the last section box, where the user might delete or alter it, thus removing the page from your intended Category.
  • Files whose names contain non-Latin characters get those characters messed up when they are uploaded via forms - the files themselves are uploaded correctly, but the resulting text that shows up in the form is incorrect.
  • There is currently a bug in Page Forms in which a "field" tag that ends with more than three brackets in a row will not get parsed correctly. So, for instance, the following in a form would fail: "{{{field|date|default={{CURRENTTIME}}}}}". If you have such a field tag, you can simply insert a space at the end to get around this bug, like "{{{field|date|default={{CURRENTTIME}} }}}". (Inserting a "|" won't work, unfortunately - it has to be a space.)
  • If you use the default MediaWiki URL style, #formlink won't work with the "button" link type. Instead, you should use "post button".
  • The "mandatory" setting does not work within popup forms.
  • In some (though not all) installations, having a "placeholder" parameter in textarea inputs leads to the placeholder text getting set as the actual input value, for Internet Explorer 10 and 11; which seems to be due to this IE bug.
  • Most extra JavaScript-based features, like expandable elements and #info tooltips, don't work in multiple-instance templates for instances that are newly-added by the user within the form. (On the other hand, this does work for the tooltips provided by the SimpleTooltip extension, due to that extension's use of a hook.)
  • If you have the Configure extension installed, some combination of configurations may cause a JavaScript error which causes forms to break. If that happens, the best approach may simply be to un-install Configure.

Planned features[edit]

  • A spreadsheet-style interface to edit the values of all the pages that use a particular template, from within one place
  • Allow #autoedit to add to and remove from a list of values, instead of just overwriting the entire value, possibly using notation like "Participants+=Joe User"
  • Have CAPTCHA tests from the ConfirmEdit extension be displayed directly in the form, rather than in a subsequent screen
  • A new parser function to indicate that a page whose name was created with a formula based on one or more of its template fields should be automatically renamed if any of those field are changed
  • Add handling in forms for the "Sight this revision" checkbox, if the FlaggedRevs extension is installed
  • Testing scripts using Selenium
  • Allow for the use of VisualEditor in textareas
  • New "selected zoom" parameter for mapping inputs (for maps with an existing value)