Architecture committee/2017-02-08

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An invite-only video discussion, where decisions are often finalized, generally Wednesday 13:00 USA West coast local time as of this writing. This meeting is often used for grooming the backlog for the TechCom-RFC board. (private minutes)

Present: Brion, Daniel (chair), Gabriel, Kevin (notes), Tim, Timo


  • ArchCom plans to take part in Scrum of Scrums in the future
  • IRC discussion about database schema improvements next week, pending confirmation. This is a follow-up to phab:T149534.
  • phab:T66214: Define an official thumb API: Gergö concerned about third party install efficiency.
  • phab:T122942: Support language variants in the REST API: Current discussion is primarily about path prefix vs. Accept-Language header.
  • phab:T155813: Decide on storage and delivery method for TemplateStyles CSS: Lively discussion, pinged Parsing team.
  • phab:T107561: MediaWiki support for Composer equivalent for JavaScript packages was selected for the developer wishlist. There has been some discussion in the last week, but more input is needed. One open topic is how this relates to ResourceLoader.
  • phab:T129842: Launch the Wikimedia "Code Review Special Interest Group" has gained some traction. Quim is looking for participants!
  • Schema migration for the oldimage table pending implementation: phab:T28741