Architecture committee/2017-01-25

The TechCom planning meeting is a weekly invite-only video discussion, generally held on Wednesday 13:00 USA Pacific Time.
See also TechCom-RFC workboard in Phabricator. (Private minutes)

Present: Brion, Gabriel, Daniel (chair), Timo


At the IRC meeting, we discussed MZMcBride’s proposal for Accessing page properties from wiki pages. We explored use cases, identified potential issues and formulated requirements. A summary can be found at T154738#2972889.


Active RFCs:

  • T66214: Define an official thumb API. Effort to define a client-controlled API for retrieving thumbnails with various options.
  • T128351: Notifications in core.
  • T124752: Expiring watchlist entries.
  • T145604: Future of magic links.

Last Call: [RFC] Image and oldimage tables

Please review the updated RFC page [1] and send any final comments here on Wikitech-l or Phabricator [2] by 2017-02-01.

[1] mw:Requests_for_comment/image_and_oldimage_tables

[2] T589

Next week on IRC:

Discuss the planned schema changes for DB realignment & MCR (pending confirmation from Brion). See: