Architecture committee/2016-11-02

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An invite-only video discussion, where decisions are often finalized, generally Wednesday 13:00 USA West coast local time as of this writing. This meeting is often used for grooming the backlog for the TechCom-RFC board. (private minutes)

Present: Roan Kattouw, Daniel Kinzler, Tim Starling, Timo Tijhof, Brion Vibber, Gabriel Wicke; Kevin Smith


  • First meeting after Robla left WMF
  • ArchCom decides to continue operation
  • Daniel to chair meetings for the time being
  • ArchCom expects the new CTO to have some ideas about the purpose and future of ArchCom
  • ArchCom plans to invite the new CTO to a meeting soonish after the summit
  • Topic for IRC meeting on November 9 (phab:E355): Thumbnail API phab:T66214
  • ArchCom discussed involvement in DevSummit tracks
  • ArchCom to invite Quim to the next meeting, to talk about the summit