Architecture committee/2016-09-14

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An invite-only video discussion, where decisions are often finalized, generally Wednesday 13:00 USA West coast local time as of this writing. This meeting is often used for grooming the backlog for the TechCom-RFC board. (private minutes)


Present: Brion, Daniel, Tim, Kevin

Agenda: Consensus was just to have an informal discussion related to MCR


  • Lots of talk on scalability of revision table and the MCR content & rev_content tables
  • Daniel updating the MCR proposal
    • Reduce the derived slots stuff
    • Explicitly mention need to look into scalability & possibly partitioning more
  • Clarified how the deployment transition period is meant to work:
    • Shouldn’t have to change ‘revision’ table during transition period
  • Brion to check in with Jaime on perf/scaling/partitioning issues
    • Make sure we are on the same page! Waiting for email reply...
  • Next week is irc meeting!