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Architecture committee/2016-03-23

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RFC status update[edit]

Query for shepherd assignments

New RFCs:[edit]

T130663 WIP RFC: Reference API requirements and options (Timo): API access and component  markup for references; focus on gathering use cases / requirements.

T122942 RFC: Support language variants in the REST API (Gabriel): Different options for supporting languange variant selection in the REST API. Needed for languages like Chinese.

T122825 Service Ownership and Maintenance (Gabriel): Ownership and minimum maintenance requirements for production services. Strongly driven by unclear ownership of OCG (PDF renderer).

T39902 RFC: Implement rendering of redlinks (in a post-processor?) (Gabriel): Solutions for highlighting links to non-existing pages in Parsoid HTML. Main question is preprocessing vs. separate metadata processed on client.

T130528 RFC: PSR-6 Cache interface in Mediawiki core (No shepherd): Exploring use of standard PHP cache interface.

Today's IRC session[edit]

See also: Phab:E150

T124792 Service Locator for MediaWiki core (Daniel): Introduce a service locator (aka DI container) to allow code in mediaWiki core to make use of the Dependency Injection (DI) and Service Locator (SL) patterns.

The discussion showed general support. Several participants expressed a desire to write more code with it before making a final call. Concrete suggestions on areas would be welcome. Tentative working group forming, aiming to discuss at Jerusalem Hackathon.

Under discussion:[edit]

T129435 RFC: drop support for running without mbstring (Gabriel): Very focused RFC by Max. Main question in discussion so far is whether polyfilling is worth it. Max reaching out to mediawiki-l.

T108655 Standardise on how to access/register JavaScript interfaces (Roan): No update since last week, I need to split this task but I haven’t had time to yet. Last week’s update:

Considering to split out contentious part (file-based require, or something like it; to support embedding libraries), move forward on less controversial part (basic module-name-based require infrastructure)

T18691 RFC: Section headings should have a clickable anchor (Timo): Under discussion with Volker and  Frontend Standards Group. Volker and team to collect different benefits and concerns to determine whether this is generally a desirable feature. And to explore other conceptually different solutions to the underlying use case of “sharing a link to a section” (e.g. a better table of contents, or live address bar).

T124504 Transition WikiDev '16 working areas into working groups (RobLa): No concrete progress; MZMcBride advocates for organic growth.

T128351 RfC: Notifications in core (Brion): No movement last week. Needs clarification of interfaces & scope as follow-up from IRC meeting.

T66214 Use content hash based image / thumb URLs & define an official thumb API (Brion): Clarified requirements & priorities in last week's IRC discussion. Needs update to reflect discussion.

T118517 [RFC] Use <figure> for media (Brion): Revisit soon.

T88596 Improving extension management (Daniel): Discussion is picking up again, patch for review.

T113034 RFC: Overhaul Interwiki map, unify with Sites and WikiMap (Daniel): Has been discussed before, needs somebody to actually take this on.

T114444 [RFC] Introduce notion of DOM scopes in wikitext (Tim): Active related discussion and prototyping at Balanced templates and Hygienic transclusions for WYSIWYG, incremental parsing & composition: Options and trade-offs.