Architecture committee/2016-03-09


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  • People present: DStrine, Gabriel, Roan, Megan, Volker, RobLa, Brion, Daniel, Tim, Timo
  • Agenda bashing and action item check 21:00 (5 minutes)
    • last week’s action items
      • RobLa - Public summary of this meeting (done; see Architecture committee/2016-03-02)
      • Gabriel and RobLa - Discuss how to communicate priorities from ArchCom + real-time note conversations
        • Gabriel and RobLa discussed this after the 2016-03-09 meeting; we have some incremental improvements we try
      • RobLa: further define officewiki:Engineering/New_core_team (done; see Wikimedia Engineering/2016-17 Goals/New MediaWiki-focused team)
  • Last week+this week’s RfC office hour 21:05 (5 minutes)
    • 2016-03-02 meeting: E66/24 (E146)
      • Triaged nearly all RFCs in the "needs shepherd" column, either assigning shepherds or marking RFCs as blocked/stalled
    • 2016-03-09 meeting: E66/25 (E147)
      • Phab:T128351 - RfC: Notifications in core
        • @brion is shepherding, and would like to confirm rough consensus for moving some of the Echo code into core
      • Phab:T66214 - Use content hash based image / thumb URLs & define an official thumb API
        • @GWicke hopes we can reach consensus on the format of a thumb API, which lets clients easily select thumb size and quality. Define the image identifier as an opaque string. Examples: /thumb/{id}/{size}{/quality_format}, value /thumb/Wiki.png/640.
        • The group discussed what the goal of this part of the meeting was, and planned for this to be a topic at next week’s RFC meeting (E66/26)
  • RfC inbox triage 21:10 (10 minutes)
    • MediaWiki-RfCs board “Inbox” column
      • Phab:T128602: Create and deploy an extension that implements an authenticated key-value store.
        • Move to backlog, ask for better description of the problem being solved.
  • Queue for future RfC office hours 21:20 (5 minutes)
    • 2016-03-16 RFC meeting scheduling (E66/26)
      • Spend a small portion on RFC triage as we did in E146
      • Review backlog:  
      • Phab:T66214 - Use content hash based image / thumb URLs & define an official thumb API
    • 2016-03-23 RFC meeting scheduling (E66/27)
      • DI/Service locator: T124792
    • Other RFC meeting possibilities discussed
      • Dependency injection (T124792).  Daniel would like to talk about this before the Hackathon
      • Rust process (T123606)
      • Moderation (T126605)
      • ArchCom’s role in giving/removing +2 in Gerrit
  • Other business 21:25 (15 minutes)
    • How can we increase the throughput of ArchCom?
      • David Strine in TPG is helping us figure this out.  He’s going to document his observations of our existing process, and update [[mw:Architecture_committee/Team_practices]]
    • Should we have Rust-style working groups (T123606)?
      • Groups under discussion: Media, API
      • Relationship between Moderation working group (T126605) and Code of Conduct was discussed.  No firm resolution
    • Shepherd assignments
      • Whoops, forgot to cover this.  See Phab:T125865
  • Next week’s ArchCom agenda (10 minutes)
    • Check-in regarding Code of Conduct

Detailed notes[edit]

private notes/meeting prep

Note from RobLa: I'm transitioning to a regime where more of the agenda/notes prep can happen on Per Good meetings#Note taking, it can be really difficult for a thorough note taker to redact something that wasn't intended for the public minutes, and the transcript is probably less useful for everyone than the summary. The summary takes a little post-meeting time to prepare.