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Tools clipart.png This page is part of the MediaWiki action API documentation.
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MediaWiki action API

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MediaWiki version: 1.14

Pages can be watched (added to your watchlist) and unwatched (removed from your watchlist) with action=watch. Of course, you can only add and remove pages to/from your own watchlist.


  • title: Single page to (un)watch. Use titles instead. (deprecated in 1.23)
  • unwatch: If set, unwatch the page. If not set, watch the page.
  • continue: When more results are available, use this to continue.
  • titles: A list of titles to work on. Separate values with |. No more than 50 (500 for bots) allowed. 1.23+
  • pageids: A list of page IDs to work on. Separate values with |. No more than 50 (500 for bots) allowed. Type: list of integers
  • revids: A list of revision IDs to work on. Separate values with |. No more than 50 (500 for bots) allowed. Type: list of integers
  • generator: Get the list of pages to work on by executing the specified query module. Note: Generator parameter names must be prefixed with a "g". Possible values: allcategories, alldeletedrevisions, allfileusages, allimages, alllinks, allpages, allredirects, allrevisions, alltransclusions, backlinks, categories, categorymembers, contenttranslation, contenttranslationsuggestions, deletedrevisions, duplicatefiles, embeddedin, exturlusage, fileusage, geosearch, gettingstartedgetpages, images, imageusage, iwbacklinks, langbacklinks, links, linkshere, listpages, oldreviewedpages, pageswithprop, prefixsearch, protectedtitles, querypage, random, recentchanges, redirects, revisions, search, templates, transcludedin, watchlist, watchlistraw.
  • redirects: Automatically resolve redirects in titles, pageids, and revids, and in pages returned by generator.
  • converttitles: Convert titles to other variants if necessary. Only works if the wiki's content language supports variant conversion. Languages that support variant conversion include gan, iu, kk, ku, shi, sr, tg, uz, zh.
  • token


To (un)watch a page, a token is required. This token is the same for all pages (and is not different for watch vs unwatch), but changes at every login. Watch/unwatch tokens can be obtained via action=tokens with type=watch (MW 1.20+), or by using the following method:

Obtaining a watch token


Requests Must be "POST"ed, but for example's sake, "GET"s are used here:

Watching Main Page

Unwatching Dog

Possible errors[edit]

Only the usual stuff.