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MediaWiki action API

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MediaWiki version: 1.12


To move a page, a move token is required. This token is equal to the edit token and the same for all pages, but changes at every login. Moves tokens can be obtained via action=tokens with type=move (MW 1.20+), or by using the following method:

Obtaining a move token

Moving pages[edit]

Pages can be moved with action=move.


  • from: Title of the page you want to move. Cannot be used together with fromid
  • fromid: Page ID of the page you want to move. Cannot be used together with from
  • to: Title you want to rename the page to
  • token: A move token previously retrieved through prop=info. Take care to urlencode the '+' as '%2B'.
  • reason: Reason for the move (optional)
  • movetalk: Move the talk page, if it exists
  • movesubpages: Move subpages, if applicable
  • noredirect: Don't create a redirect. Requires the suppressredirect right, which by default is granted only to bots and sysops
  • watch: Add the page and the redirect to your watchlist. Deprecated. Use the watchlist argument (deprecated in 1.17)
  • unwatch: Remove the page and the redirect from your watchlist. Deprecated. Use the watchlist argument (deprecated in 1.17)
  • watchlist: Unconditionally add or remove the page from your watchlist, use preferences or do not change watch (see API:Edit)
  • ignorewarnings: Ignore any warnings


Note: In this example, all parameters are passed in a GET request just for the sake of simplicity. However, action=move requires POST requests; GET requests will cause an error. Moving Main Pgae (sic) and its talk page to Main Page, without creating a redirect

Possible errors[edit]

All errors are formatted as:

<error code="code" info="info">
Code Info
nofrom The from parameter must be set
noto The to parameter must be set
notoken The token parameter must be set
cantmove-anon Anonymous users can't move pages
cantmove You don't have permission to move pages
cantmovefile You don't have permission to move files.
Note: If file moving is disabled altogether, you'll get an immobilenamespace error instead
selfmove Can't move a page to itself
immobilenamespace You tried to move pages from or to a namespace that is protected from moving
articleexists The destination article already exists and is not a redirect to the source article
protectedpage You don't have permission to perform this move
protectedtitle The destination article has been protected from creation
nonfilenamespace Can't move a file to a non-file namespace
filetypemismatch The new file extension doesn't match its type
mustbeposted The move module requires a POST request

NOTE: The Move API uses two additional error handling methods when the page move succeeded, but the talk page or sub-page move failed:

  • Talk page: The relevant error will be returned in the talkmove-error-code and talkmove-error-info fields.
  • Subpages: The relevant error will be returned as a standard code/info structure under the subpages key.