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Quick overview:

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Changing wiki content through the API is enabled by default as of MediaWiki 1.14; it can be disabled by setting Manual:$wgEnableWriteAPI in LocalSettings.php. In MediaWiki 1.13 and earlier, you have to explicitly enable the write API with $wgEnableWriteAPI = true;

Please see the appropriate subsection for detailed information for each module.

  • Edit about the action to create new articles or modify existing ones.
  • Move about the action to rename or move articles.
  • Rollback about the action to rollback the last series of contributions to a page.
  • Delete about the action to delete existing articles.
  • Undelete about the action to view and restore deleted revisions.
  • Protect about the action to change the protection levels for a page.
  • Block about the actions to block and unblock a user.
  • Watch about the action to watch and unwatch pages.
  • Email about the action to send email to other users.
  • Patrol about the action to patrol changes.
  • Import about the action to import pages from other wikis.
  • User group membership about the action to add and remove users to and from groups.
  • Upload about the action to upload files.
  • Tokens about the action to get session-based tokens required for some actions.

Possible errors[edit | edit source]

Some wikis restrict the use of these modules to certain groups of users, or disallow it altogether. All aforementioned modules can return the following errors:

Code Info
noapiwrite Editing of this wiki through the API is disabled. Make sure the $wgEnableWriteAPI=true; statement is included in the wiki's LocalSettings.php file
writeapidenied You're not allowed to edit this wiki through the API