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MediaWiki version: 1.9

GET request that returns a Manual:Watchlist feed.

API documentation[edit]


(main | feedwatchlist)

Returns a watchlist feed.


The format of the feed.

One of the following values: rss, atom
Default: rss

List pages modified within this many hours from now.

The value must be between 1 and 72.
Type: integer
Default: 24

Link directly to changed sections if possible.

Type: boolean (details)

Include multiple revisions of the same page within given timeframe.

Type: boolean (details)

Used along with token to access a different user's watchlist.

Type: user name

A security token (available in the user's preferences) to allow access to another user's watchlist.


Show only items that meet these criteria. For example, to see only minor edits done by logged-in users, set show=minor|!anon.

Values (separate with | or alternative): minor, !minor, bot, !bot, anon, !anon, patrolled, !patrolled, autopatrolled, !autopatrolled, unread, !unread

Which types of changes to show:

Regular page edits.
Page creations.
Log entries.
External changes.
Category membership changes.
Values (separate with | or alternative): edit, new, log, external, categorize
Default: edit|new|log|categorize

Don't list changes by this user.

Type: user name
Show the watchlist feed.
api.php?action=feedwatchlist [open in sandbox]
Show all changes to watched pages in the past 6 hours.
api.php?action=feedwatchlist&allrev=&hours=6 [open in sandbox]


If no user is specified via the wlowner parameter, this API defaults to showing you your own watchlist feed -- or, at least, the watchlist feed of the account you are currently logged in as.

GET request[edit]

Get the watchlist feed for the account making the request.


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            <title>Article on Watchlist</title>

Sample code[edit]



    MediaWiki Action API Code Samples
    Demo of `Feedwatchlist` module: Get the watchlist feed 
    for the account making the request.
    MIT license

import requests

S = requests.Session()

URL = "https://en.wikipedia.org/w/api.php"

# Step 1: Retrieve a login token
PARAMS_1 = {
    "action": "query",
    "meta": "tokens",
    "type": "login",
    "format": "json"

R = S.get(url=URL, params=PARAMS_1)
DATA = R.json()

LOGIN_TOKEN = DATA['query']['tokens']['logintoken']

# Step 2: Send a post request to log in. For this login 
# method, Obtain credentials by first visiting
# https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:BotPasswords/
# See https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/API:Login for more
# information on log in methods.
PARAMS_2 = {
    "action": "login",
    "lgname": "user_name",
    "lgpassword": "password",
    "format": "json",
    "lgtoken": LOGIN_TOKEN

R = S.post(URL, data=PARAMS_2)

# Step 3: Request the account's own watchlist feed
PARAMS_3 = {
    "action": "feedwatchlist"

R = S.get(url=URL, params=PARAMS_3)
DATA = R.text


Parameter history[edit]

  • v1.27: Introduced wltype: categorize
  • v1.25: Introduced wlshow: unread, wlshow: !unread
  • v1.24: Deprecated linktodiffs
  • v1.22: Introduced wltype
  • v1.19: Introduced wlexcludeuser
  • v1.17: Introduced linktodiffs
  • v1.16: Introduced wltoken, wlowner
  • v1.12: Introduced allrev
  • v1.11: Introduced hours

Additional notes[edit]

  • This API also allows you to access another user's watchlist feed, via their private watchlist token. You can view or reset your own watchlist token by visiting Special:Preferences, under "Manage tokens".
  • The wlexcludeuser parameter only accepts one value; it is not possible to exclude multiple users in a single query.
  • This API does not return JSON -- the response will always be an xml object representing the feed, regardless of whether you add format=json to your query.
  • The feed only displays the most recently modified pages. You will not be able to view pages modified more than 72 hours ago via the API.
  • Although ordinary accounts are granted the right to view their own watchlist by default, bots work differently. You must manually grant the bot this right yourself. You can do so by checking off the "View your own watchlist" right on Special:BotPasswords.

See also[edit]

  • API:Watch - adds or removes pages from your own watchlist.
  • API:Watchlist - an action=query module; gets a list of pages in the watchlist of a user, within a given time period.
  • API:Watchlistraw - an action=query module; gets a list of all pages within the watchlist of a user.