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Returns a list of all pages on the logged in user's watchlist.

Note: This results of this query module are returned as part of the api node, not the query node.


  • wrcontinue: Used to continue a previous request
  • wrnamespace: Only list pages in the given namespace(s)
  • wrlimit: How many total results to return per request No more than 500 (5000 for bots) allowed. (Default: 10)
  • wrprop: Which additional properties to get (non-generator mode only):
    • changed: Adds timestamp of when the user was last notified about the edit
  • wrshow: Only list items that meet these criteria:
    • changed: Pages that have changed since the last visit
    • !changed: Pages that changed before the last visit
  • wrowner: The name of the user whose watchlist you'd like to access 1.17+
  • wrtoken: Give a security token (settable in preferences) to allow access to another user's watchlist 1.17+
  • wrdir: Direction to sort the titles and namespaces in Possible values: ascending, descending (Default: ascending) 1.20+


List the first 3 pages on the watchlist from the category namespace

Error Codes[edit]

Code Info
bad_wlowner Specified user does not exist.
bad_wltoken Incorrect watchlist token provided -- please set a correct token in Special:Preferences.
notloggedin You must be logged-in to have a watchlist.
show Incorrect parameter - mutually exclusive values may not be supplied.