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This page is part of the MediaWiki action API documentation.

MediaWiki action API

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Get a list of pages on the current user's watchlist that were changed within the given time period. Ordered by time of the last change of the watched page.


  • wlallrev: Include multiple revisions to the same page.
  • wlstart: The timestamp to start listing from. Prior to version 1.23, this parameter is used as the continue parameter.
  • wlend: The timestamp to end listing at
  • wlnamespace: Only list pages in these namespaces
  • wluser: Only list changes made by this user 1.16+
  • wlexcludeuser: Do not list changes made by this user 1.16+
  • wldir: Direction to list in (Default: older)
    • older: List most recently changed pages first. Note: wlstart must be later than wlend.
    • newer: List least recently changed pages first. Note: wlstart must be earlier than wlend.
  • wllimit: Maximum amount of pages to list No more than 500 (5000 for bots) allowed. (Default: 10)
  • wlprop: Which properties to get (Default: ids|title|flags)
    • ids: The page ID and revision ID 1.11+
    • title: The title the change was made to 1.11+
    • flags: Flags for the edit (anon, bot, new, minor) 1.11+
    • user: The user who made the change
    • userid: The id of the user who made the change 1.17+
    • comment: The edit/log comment
    • parsedcomment: The edit/log comment in HTML format with wikilinks and section references expanded into hyperlinks 1.16+
    • timestamp: The time and date of the change
    • patrol: Whether the change is patrolled. Only available to users with the patrol right
    • sizes: The page size before and after the change 1.11+
    • notificationtimestamp: Adds timestamp of when the user was last notified about the edit 1.16+
    • loginfo: Adds log information where appropriate 1.18+
  • wlshow: Only list revisions that meet these criteria. Conflicting options (such as minor and !minor) cannot be used together 1.12+
    • minor: Only list minor edits
    • !minor: Don't list minor edits
    • bot: Only list bot edits
    • !bot: Don't list bot edits
    • anon: Only list edits by anonymous users
    • !anon: Only list edits by registered users
    • patrolled: Only list patrolled edits 1.14+
    • !patrolled: Only list unpatrolled edits 1.14+
    • unread: Only list unread edits 1.24+
    • !unread: Only list already read edits 1.24+
  • wltype: Only list certain types of changes 1.22+
    • edit: Regular page edits
    • external: External edits
    • new: Page creations
    • log: Log entries
  • wlowner: The user whose watchlist you want (must be accompanied by wltoken if it's not the currently logged-in user). Remember that using format=json with callback is always in a logged-out environment, meaning wltoken is required even if it's for the supposedly current logged-in user. 1.16+
  • wltoken: Security token that the wlowner has set in their preferences 1.16+
  • wlcontinue: When more results are available, use this to continue 1.23+


Get the current user's watchlist

Error Codes[edit]

Code Info
wlnotloggedin You must be logged-in to have a watchlist
wlpatrol patrol property is not available
wlshow Incorrect parameter - mutually exclusive values may not be supplied