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Notifications error[edit]

is at bug 67945.

Flow board links[edit]

Linker knows that an empty Flow board doesn't exist, so it adds &action=edit&redlink=1 to the URL and and shows it as a redlink. But action=edit is invalid for a Flow board and currently throws an exception.

Test Hovercards (Popups) links[edit]

  • LQT pages:
    • LQT thread elements


  • Hovercards don't work right for Flow boards
  • Flow board should show an icon indicating it's a Flow board
  • "Questa pagina di discussione è stata sostituita da una bacheca dei flussi." appeared for Talk:Sandbox
  • I disabled SVG support and image appeared misaligned

Test references[edit]

They work differently in Flow, bug 60017 and Flow post. Here:


  1. Reference

Test images[edit]

bug 61786

The protagonists of "Farewell Anatolia" live in a little Greek Village near Ephesus, like Şirince (pictured).

Compare with

  • If you edit your Flow post you can see the Flow image adds a link= parameter, bug 69152.
  • It doesn't have the magnify icon.
  • The bottom of the image frame is clipped.

The weird link parameter[edit]

Regular Ascii link parameter.

Parsoid's generated link parameter doesn't even display properly. Here are the contents of that topic:

The protagonists of "Farewell Anatolia" live in a little Greek Village near Ephesus, like Şirince (pictured).

Where did the "link" parameter come from? It doesn't work well in wikitext, see

Just the image with the special characters.

Another image with accented characters, but not at the start.

Image border clipping[edit]

In Parsoid output, this is missing a lower margin, {{bug}69157}}.

welcomecreation -> welcomecreation-msg change[edit]

TODO add a note about this to RELEASE-NOTES.1.21

(see wikitech-l mailing list thread of December 4, 2012)

bug 42215 made the title of the page you see on account creation "Welcome, Username". To make this fix I split the welcomecreation message into two messages:

'Welcome, $1!' — the new title of the page
"'Your account has been created.
Do not forget to change your MediaWiki preferences.'

and this change is live on WMF wikis running 1.21wmf5.

The subpage /welcomecreation messages lists all these messages that exist (on 205 wikis!)

I suspect some of these messages may replicate what's already in the default message.

On wikis that have customized the MediaWiki:welcomecreation message and want to preserve the customization, an admin may need to

  1. move it to MediaWiki:welcomecreation-msg (without leaving a redirect)
  2. remove the "== Welcome, $1==" heading line from welcomecreation-msg
  3. log out and create a dummy account to see if it works

A workable approach to git/gerrit[edit]

See /Git & gerrit day-to-day

IRC cloak request[edit]

This m:IRC/Cloaks stuff is quite obscure. I'm spagewmf on IRC, somehow this can make me appear as ~spage@wikimedia/spage ??


Various bits and pieces I've worked on: