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People present: Brion, Gabriel Wicke, RobLa, Tim Starling, S Page

Minutes from last week: ( )

Pending action items[edit]

  	* 	RobLa: figuring out the process for getting owner for blocked/stalled RFCs 	 	
  • RobLa: switch to using Google Docs as note-taking software (DONE)
  • RobLa: followup by email on dependency tracking/change propagation (T102476)
 	 		** 		Gabriel update: met with operations & analytics, go ahead with it next quarter; analytics interested in this to scale EventLogging. Working out dependency tracking, will discuss later this month 		 	 	 	
  • RobLa: figure out meetbot stuff
 	 		** 		Tim: the server was down, meetbot is back in the channel (wikitech info). 		 		
    • Usage tips

RFCs to triage[edit]

(see Inbox column, the default) Process note: we don’t have a good way to detect significant changes to RFCs in blocked/stalled/draft and under discussion columns

Last week’s RFC office hour:

  	* 	not ready to move T89331 “Replace Tidy in MW parser with HTML 5 parse/reserialize” to approved yet. 	   

IRC meeting scheduling[edit]

This week[edit]

  	* 	T88666 Requests for comment/Master & slave datacenter strategy for MediaWiki 	   

Next week[edit]


  	* 	T105638 RFC: Streamlining Composer usage ? not ready according to JanZ comment. 	 	
 	 		** 		Kunal isn’t ready 		 	 	 	

Conclusion:  ? We had e-mail follow-up

Other business[edit]

Publishing minutes from GDocs?

  	* 	Robla: if it’s not too much busywork… 	 	
  • S: just link to GDocs? A: not if we have confidential items to clean up
  • Robla: dogfood GDocs copy-paste to VE.
  • GWicke could paste to CK Editor, then HTML, then Parsoid-ify

process: final comment period?


(General discussion of tasks on #MediaWiki-RfCs board and not on board.) See IRC meeting scheduling > Next week “Candidates” section above

Developer summit 2016[edit]

RobLa is tasked with identifying theme for WMDS 2016 ( #Wikimedia-developer-summit-2015 phab project, wiki page)

Idea: make DS be about architectural direction (from 2014), but keep the good vibe and logistics from MWDS 2015 without its lack of organization. Gabriel: 2014 was mostly minor RFCs. Do we surface needs at DS?

RobLa: more IETF-like: make DS a deadline that gets things unstuck. Honor the deadline, have the RFCs written and debates in process, and the DS is where people resolve pre-identified contentious issues

Spage: Rachel and Quim on Engineering Community Team are eager to make it work better!

Robla wants ArchCom to raise issues on mailing lists, and also widen discussions to the entire WMF stack (e.g. not just front-end)

New action items[edit]

  	* 	RobLa: is Ori attending? a member? 	 	
  • SPage: try out GDocs copy-paste for minutes
  • RobLa: organize homework of the members to update the RFC board
  • RobLa: improve the columns on the workboard (e.g. definite “ready for RFC discussion”)

Next week[edit]

  	* 	more discussion of WMDS 2016
 	 		** 		set up a planning committee? 		 	 	   

Publication of minutes[edit]