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Broken Template:Documentation Module:ProtectionBanner call[edit]


OK, this is the /doc Documentation subpage for my Sandbox testing. Does {{Documentation}} blow up like it does on Template:Extension?


Test Page status indicator[edit]

I followed Help:Page status indicators#Adding page status indicators in wikitext to add a help indicator above towards the top right.

  • Specifying the icon myself works, but isn't the same.
  • Using name="mw-helplink" I don't see the icon unless I force the 'mediawiki-helplink' module to load with mw.loader.getState( 'mediawiki.helplink' )

SyntaxHighlight changes[edit]

phab:T105817 bash doesn't highlight so well any more

# A comment
$ git checkout -b --longer-option path/here
$ for i in `echo this that`
> do
>   echo -n $i >> /tmp/junk
> done

wiki links[edit]

phab with query string? (OK)
create a task
wiki but with query string? (bad)

mailto with query string in VE[edit]

Regular mailto link works fine, one with query string is OK, and even mailto with query string with spaces in ?Subject value works. But in Flow summary, not so much.

Try again URL with spaces in query string