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(This is me, stuck on Mac OS X without my passwords)

When I reboot, refind usually offers me all kinds of kernels from which to boot.

I accidentally booted into Mac OS X, so I updated it including refind. My next two reboots went straight into Mac OS X, no refind menu.

What's up?

My /efi/refind/refind.conf was unchanged from the sample except for comments, so I made it like the sample.

drivers_x64 was out of date. Repeated didn't update it, so I removed it.

refind used to

Refind doc bugs[edit] says you must install it to your computer's ESP

WTF is an "ESP" The script likewise says "install to the ESP rather than to the system's root filesystem. This is the default on Linux."

Very unclear whether or not it should copy over drivers! comments

  --nodrivers is OS X default)

surely I want some bloody drivers? How else is it going to see my Linux kernels?

The script didn't detect that I already had drivers and offer to upgrade them.

Reran it with

 sudo ./ --alldrivers

let's hope that works

To Do[edit]

Bloody Mac support[edit]

The [End] key on my Kinesis Maxim USB keyboard does nothing.

=== EFI boot of Linux. I should be able to boot Linux using EFI which may solve my monitor screwups et al. is one approach, but Refind author comments

I'd recommend using a Linux filesystem driver to read the kernel directly from a Linux filesystem rather than copy the kernel to the OS X partition as in the tutorial, but either method will work.

Well, don't I have that? EFI reads the kernel!

The usual mangled mess of out-of-date and overlapping pages.

Linux partition[edit]

Why does Mac OS X Disk Utility think

 disk0s5 is format: MS-DOS (FAT) 23.9 GB ?!?

I have to get a partition accessible from Mac and from Linux! Maybe use the CD-ROM standard partition type for Linux? Can I resize my Linux partition to make this available?