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Chinese variants conversion problems

Winston Sung (talkcontribs)

In Chinese-translated pages on this site, every conversion markup works fine except the -{T|}- markup used for zh title conversions (same as {{DISPLAYTITLE:}} (namely Translations:Help:Extension:Translate/Translation_example/Page_display_title/zh in Help:Extension:Translate/Translation_example/zh), but {{DISPLAYTITLE:}} cannot make any conversions, so the -{zh:Chinese content;zh-hans:Simplified Chinese content;zh-hant:Traditional Chinese content;}- markup doesn't work in the Page_display_title section), maybe the problem is the page “Translations:Help:Extension:Translate/Translation_example/Page_display_title/zh transcluded in Help:Extension:Translate/Translation_example/zh” by Extension:Translate will override the -{T|}- markup, so neither the the -{T|}- markup parameter “T” in Template:NoteTA works.

How can we fix it, or maybe it's a bug?

MarkAHershberger (talkcontribs)
Winston Sung (talkcontribs)


Amire80 (talkcontribs)

This question is more for @Nikerabbit as the Translate extension expert, and maybe even more so for @Cscott as an expert in both the Parser and the Language converter.

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