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لخّص PotsdamLamb هذا الموضوع

Extension not done by Mediawiki but by an editor and has been fixed.

PotsdamLamb (نقاشمساهمات)

Hello - We are getting an odd message when clicking on the "Page Size" link on the left side. Everything is showing normal except Prose size which displays this message:

undefined B (undefined words) "readable prose size"

I am guessing this is software related as it is affecting everyone. If you comment please let me know on simple wiki so I can hop over here.


Bawolff (نقاشمساهمات)

That doesn't sound like part of core mediawiki but an extension or gadget. You should report to author if extension/gadget.

PotsdamLamb (نقاشمساهمات)

@Bawolff Yeah I figured it out. I am just waiting on an IA from our wiki to replace it. Thank you so much. I forgot to update this yesterday as we were dealing with an LTA who likes to proxy jump and takes up a couple of hours a day from all of us. (نقاشمساهمات)


Does anyone know if an administrator can create a "read-only" user? We don't have access to the bureaucrats of the wiki.

Bawolff (نقاشمساهمات)

Yes, see manual:$wgGroupPermissions. If a user does not have edit rights or the right is revoked, then they will essentially be read only. However they may be able to do other actions.

If you are an ordinary user and want a read only subaccount see manual:Bot passwords

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Create a custom search by categories

Radhedge (نقاشمساهمات)


Context: I'm new to MediaWiki and I would like to create a custom search so users could search by multiple categories rather than the title of articles. Eventually I would like it to include proximity (geocoding) of pages to the user location.

Question: Am I able to create this on MediaWiki if I download an extension like CirrusSearch and customize it? or would I be better of using different software such as Drupal?

Thanks in advance.

Bawolff (نقاشمساهمات)

You could use currussearch as the base for this, but you probably have to make a custum UI yourself.

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BrewingForward (نقاشمساهمات)

There are several wiki pages suggesting ways to add links to the footer, but using that code, the link text generated on my site is wrapped in extra characters, appearing as ⧼Contact⧽.

I was able to work around it by simply coding the link myself.

$wgHooks['SkinAddFooterLinks'][] = function( Skin $skin, string $key, array &$footerlinks ) {
    if ( $key === 'places' ) {
$footerlinks['contact'] = '<a href="/wiki/Special:Contact">Contact</a>';

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

MediaWiki 1.41.0

Bawolff (نقاشمساهمات)

That just means you are missing an i18n message of that name. It is probably expected you create it as page in mediawiki namespace.

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GLSpres (نقاشمساهمات)

How do I undo a redirect?

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Schub srx (نقاشمساهمات)

I never received my new password in my mail or spam

do you know whats happened?

Schub srx (نقاشمساهمات)

I m administrator,

How Use the changePassword.php maintenance script?

2A02:FE1:E076:BD00:29F3:4284:DE22:158C (نقاشمساهمات)


having changed email 3 times 20 years ince I last edited, the redirection system for ""may not relay your reply to my request for setting a new password. and your system did not like me registering anew. What to do?



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Elominius (نقاشمساهمات)

How come the body text color is #202122 and not black?

It doesn't bother me, and a user could change it by modifying the CSS anyway if they wanted to, but I am asking out of curiousity. What's the advantage of #202122 over black? Some technical reason? Elominius (talk) 23:14, 29 February 2024 (UTC)

TheDJ (نقاشمساهمات)

It's a UX thing. black text on white backgrounds is known to cause eyestrain. It's better to have black with a touch of gray. Similarly when you have white text on a black background, its better to have a dark gray background.

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Waterlooglass (نقاشمساهمات)

I continue to get this warning message when trying to make any edits to my pages. I have upgrade to mediawiki 1.41 and have installed Visual Editor v 0.1.2 (2e8e3b8) 06:15, 29 June 2023. However, I get this warning and it seems to be crashing my wiki and preventing me from editing, can anyone assist?

, PHP Deprecated:  Use of Modules must target desktop and mobile. Module was deprecated in MediaWiki 1.41. [Called from MediaWiki\ResourceLoader\StartUpModule::getScript in /opt/bitnami/mediawiki/includes/ResourceLoader/StartUpModule.php at line 436] in /opt/bitnami/mediawiki/includes/debug/MWDebug.php on line 386

Ciencia Al Poder (نقاشمساهمات)
Waterlooglass (نقاشمساهمات)

understood, thank you. Would those notices be a reason for slowing down or lagging our Visual Editor?

Ciencia Al Poder (نقاشمساهمات)

I don't think so. However, I note you're using MediaWiki 1.41 which was released on 21 December 2023, but your Visual Editor version is from 29 June 2023. Maybe you should upgrade the extension to latest REL1_41 branch. This is probably the reason why you were getting this deprecation notice in the first place.

Waterlooglass (نقاشمساهمات)

That is what I was thinking as well. Thanks for the feedback!

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Error Messages not showing during wiki config

2 (نقاشمساهمات)

I am trying to launch mediawiki 1.18.6 on an ubuntu EC2 instance (so to then migrate an old server onto it) to do this I've installed php5.6. However when going onto the mw-config page to configure the wiki, the error messages in error boxes don't seem to appear. Going into the apache2 error logs I found the following:

Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/lib/mediawiki/includes/MagicWord.php on line 835 

preg_replace(): Compilation failed: group name must start with a non-digit at offset 4 in /var/lib/mediawiki/includes/MagicWord.php on line 839    

preg_match_all(): Compilation failed: group name must start with a non-digit at offset 4 in /var/lib/mediawiki/includes/MagicWord.php on line 834

I cannot upgrade the mediawiki or php version as the migration won't work, any ideas on what is causing this error or possible fixes?

TheDJ (نقاشمساهمات)
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Sidebar Multilevel can be possible in version 1.41

Preguntanivell (نقاشمساهمات)

I would like to be able to create in the sidebar a multi-nivel menu as attached to the link, I know that before 1.35 you could have...

Is in version 1.41.0 now possible to achieve?


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