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VictorPorton (talkcontribs)

I have switched my site to HTTPS, but somebody may intercept password reset email which is not ciphered.

How to protect my site against password reset attacks? (talkcontribs)

If I got it right, then the password reset mail contains not only a link to a wiki page, on which you can reset the password, but it in fact contains the new password.

First, I think this password only has a limited validity. And second, if you wanted to exploit this situation, then you would have to be able to read the according network traffic. I think that brings it down to internet service providers, government agencies and to select people in your local network. <s>And the existence of the possibility that this _can_ be done does not necessarily mean that it also _will_ be done.</s> If this kind of abuse is possible, then I think it is only a question of time, until someone abuses it.

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

As explained on IRC, you need to ensure your connection to the SMTP server is encrypted, that requires TLS support for the SMTP server

Unuaiga (talkcontribs)


I'm new on mediawiki and I have a question. I would like to do a query on wikimedia commons to list all images from a definite category and a definite user via an URL. I can request each one separately (query=categorymembers and query=allimages) but I did'nt find how to do both at the same time. I've been spending hours on the manual and I can't see anywhere if it's possible or not.

Someone know how I could do it ?


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No localisation cache found for English

4 (talkcontribs)

After following the instructions here Download from Git#Keeping up to date and here Download from Git#Fetch external libraries to update my mediawiki installation with git and composer, I now receive the error:

[cbd732b2cf59e2ecfbdf4b98] /mediawiki/ MWException from line 478 of /var/lib/mediawiki/includes/cache/localisation/LocalisationCache.php: No localisation cache found for English. Please run maintenance/rebuildLocalisationCache.php.


#0 /var/lib/mediawiki/includes/cache/localisation/LocalisationCache.php(336): LocalisationCache->initLanguage(string)

#1 /var/lib/mediawiki/includes/cache/localisation/LocalisationCache.php(345): LocalisationCache->loadItem(string, string)

#2 /var/lib/mediawiki/includes/cache/localisation/LocalisationCache.php(273): LocalisationCache->loadItem(string, string)

#3 /var/lib/mediawiki/languages/Language.php(4332): LocalisationCache->getItem(string, string)

#4 /var/lib/mediawiki/languages/Language.php(228): Language::getFallbacksFor(string)

#5 /var/lib/mediawiki/languages/Language.php(191): Language::newFromCode(string)

#6 /var/lib/mediawiki/includes/Setup.php(697): Language::factory(string)

#7 /var/lib/mediawiki/includes/WebStart.php(133): require_once(string)

#8 /var/lib/mediawiki/index.php(40): require(string)

#9 {main}

On attempting to run maintenance/rebuildLocalisationCache.php I receive a similar error:

[95b69e87bc1d79ce936cfaa4] [no req]   MWException from line 478 of /var/lib/mediawiki/includes/cache/localisation/LocalisationCache.php: No localisation cache found for English. Please run maintenance/rebuildLocalisationCache.php.


#0 /var/lib/mediawiki/includes/cache/localisation/LocalisationCache.php(336): LocalisationCache->initLanguage(string)

#1 /var/lib/mediawiki/includes/cache/localisation/LocalisationCache.php(273): LocalisationCache->loadItem(string, string)

#2 /var/lib/mediawiki/languages/Language.php(3209): LocalisationCache->getItem(string, string)

#3 /var/lib/mediawiki/includes/specialpage/SpecialPageFactory.php(650): Language->getSpecialPageAliases()

#4 /var/lib/mediawiki/includes/specialpage/SpecialPage.php(74): SpecialPageFactory::getLocalNameFor(string, string)

#5 /var/lib/mediawiki/extensions/ConfirmEdit/ConfirmEdit.php(220): SpecialPage::getTitleFor(string, string)

#6 [internal function]: confirmEditSetup()

#7 /var/lib/mediawiki/includes/Setup.php(823): call_user_func(string)

#8 /var/lib/mediawiki/maintenance/doMaintenance.php(97): require_once(string)

#9 /var/lib/mediawiki/maintenance/rebuildLocalisationCache.php(181): require_once(string)

#10 {main}

I then tried following these instructions Manual:Cache#Localization caching but this did not help.

Can anyone suggest what the problem is? (talkcontribs)

This error happens when there is no fitting Messages*.php file. MediaWiki then does a fallback to en. Can you check, if your MediaWiki installation is complete? Have you uploaded all files, which are part of the MediaWiki tarball and do they have permissions, which allow the webserver to at least read them? Especially check the folder languages/messages/ for missing files!

I also remember a case where I/O problems with the filesystem caused this error. In that case somehow the language files were broken. (talkcontribs)

Fixed that problem, there was some dodgy LocalisationCache configuration directive in LocalSettings.php. Now I have a different problem, which seems to be that some of my extensions are broken. I went into the folder of the one that was reporting itself as broken (I turned on debug logging) and did a git pull, and now the thing seems to be trying to update all the extensions (lots of "Fetching submodule" etcetera). (talkcontribs)

OK, everything's mostly working now, had to update the skins using git as well. The problematic extension is ePubExport which I'm guessing hasn't been updated for the current mediawiki version. I tried fixing the error that the debug log was reporting, but while this allows the wiki to load properly now, the extension doesn't function.

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I would like to submit my companies page for posting

MaxAudience (talkcontribs)

What is the best way to submit a company page for posting? (talkcontribs)

For the English Wikipedia, the best way is to read and understand en:WP:Notability_(organizations_and_companies), which constitutes guidelines, which define in which case an article on a certain company is wanted and in which it is not. Primarily this means that there must have been significant coverage in secondary sources. Such sources must be reliable, and independent of the subject. Also there are secondary, alternate criteria. The article, which you currently have in your user space at en:User:MaxAudience does _not_ show that the company would meet any of these criteria.

However, if your company meets the notability criteria, then writing an article makes sense. If it does _not_ meet these criteria, then an according article will sooner or later be deleted again.

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Database error after updating to 1.20.4

Summary by Jörgi123

Closing this 3 year old thread. Reason for this error most likely was not-recommended usage of beta versions or a downgrade of MediaWiki, which is not supported. Without an (older) unbroken backup, manual cleanup will be needed. (talkcontribs)

After updating to 1.20.4, I'm getting the following error whenever I attempt to save any changes to a page: A database query syntax error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software. The last attempted database query was: (SQL query hidden) from within function "RecentChange::save". Database returned error "1054: Unknown column 'rc_moved_to_ns' in 'field list' (localhost)".

$wgReadOnly is not set in the LocalSettings.php page.

There are no useful messages in my HTTP access_log or error_log files. Just this: - - [16/Apr/2013:14:36:59 -0400] "POST /wiki/index.php?title=Performance_Testing_Home_Page&action=submit HTTP/1.1" 500 14388

Turning on wgShowSQLErrors reveals the following:

A database query syntax error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software. The last attempted database query was:
INSERT INTO `recentchanges` (rc_timestamp,rc_cur_time,rc_namespace,rc_title,rc_type,rc_minor,rc_cur_id,rc_user,rc_user_text,rc_comment,rc_this_oldid,rc_last_oldid,rc_bot,rc_moved_to_ns,rc_moved_to_title,rc_ip,rc_patrolled,rc_new,rc_old_len,rc_new_len,rc_deleted,rc_logid,rc_log_type,rc_log_action,rc_params,rc_id) VALUES ('20130416184714','20130416184714','0','Main_Page','0','0','1','2','Wgillo','/* MediaWiki Help */ ','2917','2896','0','0','','','1','0','4024','4060','0','0',NULL,'','',NULL)
from within function "RecentChange::save". Database returned error "1054: Unknown column 'rc_moved_to_ns' in 'field list' (localhost)". (talkcontribs)

In your database in the table "recentchanges" the column "rc_moved_to_ns" is missing. This causes the error.

Try running update.php. (talkcontribs)

I get the same error, running update.php did not help. Can i just add the column manually?

INSERT INTO `recentchanges` (rc_timestamp,rc_cur_time,rc_namespace,rc_title,rc_type,rc_minor,rc_cur_id,rc_user,rc_user_text,rc_comment,rc_this_oldid,rc_last_oldid,rc_bot,rc_moved_to_ns,rc_moved_to_title,rc_ip,rc_patrolled,rc_new,rc_old_len,rc_new_len,rc_deleted,rc_logid,rc_log_type,rc_log_action,rc_params,rc_id) VALUES ('20130420201706','20130420201706','0','Atomorbitale','0','0','55','0','','','4827','2231','0','0','','','0','0','2967','2968','0','0',NULL,'','',NULL)

„1054: Unknown column 'rc_moved_to_ns' in 'field list' (localhost)“. (talkcontribs)

You could add the column, but you have no guarantee that this would solve the base of this problem. It would be better to know, why it is missing. In some cases the installer does not only create empty columns, but also fills them with content (with content, which you do not know). Maybe some other columns are missing as well. So just creating this missing column is not enough. (talkcontribs)

Ohh, I just found a change in MediaWiki, which might explain why the column is missing (and stays missing after running update.php): It seems like it has been removed.

Then the question is: Why does MediaWiki still try to use it?

Check, that when you updated MediaWiki, you really deleted all old files and that you really added all new files.

Update your extensions to the newest version for MediaWiki 1.20. Maybe you are still using old versions, which use this field?

If there are some caches on the server, you might want to empty them as well. (talkcontribs)

Well, the change you found seems to be, if im not mistaken, for the upcoming mediawiki 1.21 , so perhaps it could be possible that these columns are still needed for 1.20?

Nevertheless, i will check my extensions for any outdated versions and report back, as a temporary fix i created these two columns to get my wiki up again... (talkcontribs)

Oh, you are right. The column is still present in the tables.sql file in MediaWiki 1.20. Sorry.

Maybe you can restore the old contents from that column. If you have a backup of your wiki, where the column is still there, you could copy the contents into that column again. Or, if you have not done too many changes, you could replace your DB with a backup, in which the column is still there. However, as I understand the note in tables.sql, this column has not been used in newer releases anyway.

But I would make sure, that all other columns are there as needed. So what I would check now is, if any other columns are missing in your DB. (talkcontribs)

I solved it by adding these two columns as shown below:

ALTER TABLE `your_database_name`.`wiki_recentchanges` ADD COLUMN `rc_moved_to_ns` TINYINT(3) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'  AFTER `rc_type` , ADD COLUMN `rc_moved_to_title` VARBINARY(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT ''  AFTER `rc_moved_to_ns` ;

So my problem was that I first upgraded to 1.21, from 1.19, and then had to downgrade to 1.20. (talkcontribs)

You request has error. It needs to: ALTER TABLE `your_database_name`.`wiki_recentchanges` ADD COLUMN `rc_moved_to_ns` TINYINT(3) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' AFTER `rc_type` , ADD COLUMN `rc_moved_to_title` VARBINARY(255) NOT NULL AFTER `rc_moved_to_ns`;

DEFAULT expect value (talkcontribs)

just run this command

alter table recentchanges add column rc_cur_time timestamp default '0000-00-00 00:00:00';

Jörgi123 (talkcontribs)

Adding the rc_cur_time column will not fix the "Unknown column 'rc_moved_to_ns' in 'field list'" error.

I think it got clear that if the update.php script cannot update the database, you either have to mnually fix any missing columns while still having the problem that the updater would actually fill some of them maybe and you then still have to figure out what exactly and how you have to put into these columns. This manual approach is climpsy, errorprone and not recommended at all.

The way better solution is to take the backup from directly before the upgrade and to run the update script again. However, if there e.g. has been a failed update attempt in the past, then it is possible that the updater cannot fix the broken database anymore. In that case, the installation most likely either used a beta version at some point in time or a downgrade has been done. Both of this is _not_ recommended or is just not supported, especially not for a production website.

Error 404 when visiting Special-Pages

8 (talkcontribs)


I am using Nginx and experience an issue with built-in special pages like this:

It does not happen if I enter an URL like this:

I am using the following Nginx-Config:

location / {

try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;


location ^~ /maintenance/ {

return 403;


location = /_.gif {

expires max;



location ^~ /cache/ {

deny all;


Shirayuki (talkcontribs)

The rewrite rule is wrong. For example, does not work. (talkcontribs)

How do I solve this? I also tried:

rewrite ^/(.*)$ /index.php;

...which also did not work. (talkcontribs)

Thanks for your comment, it works ;-) (talkcontribs)

And what have you changed to make it work? (talkcontribs)

I still have some pages which don't work like this one:

I changed it to:

location / {

try_files $uri $uri/ @rewrite;


location @rewrite {

rewrite ^/(.*)$ /index.php;

} (talkcontribs)

This is still an issue. (talkcontribs)

Still an issue here, too. /wiki/Special:WhatLinksHere/PageName returns 404.

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Is it possible to get rid of a website that is attacking my friends?

Summary by Jörgi123

End a useless discussion. Advice has thankfully been given although the whole topic has been off-topic here.

KappaPride12 (talkcontribs) This website was designed to attack my friends with false information and vandalism, I want it gone as soon as possible

(The site was made on the MediaWiki format, so its relevant) (talkcontribs)

Welcome on the support desk for MediaWiki, the software provided by the Wikimedia Foundation and used to create wikis like Wikipedia.

MediaWiki can be used by a number of people to create their own wikis - just like it was in this case. The fact that it was MediaWiki and not another software that was used however does not make the provider of the software responsible for the content which a website might offer.

If a website, no matter with which software it has been made, contains insulting or slanderous information and you want to have this information removed, then you should contact the website's owner or your lawyer to get this matter settled.

KappaPride12 (talkcontribs)

The problem is, the owner of the website is the person that has this information on it; And I have been IP blocked from accessing the site's data in any way... (talkcontribs)

If you tried contacting the owner telling him that you want the insulting or slanderous information removed and he does not care, then ask a lawyer.

KappaPride12 (talkcontribs)

Can't ask a lawyer either...

Bekircem (talkcontribs)

It's disgusting and ignorantly. Autism is variety and it's not insult material.

When i look information site owner is Anne Frankston (

If you can't ask a lawyer, i think you should contact one of autism foundation about that. (Removed an insult. --Jörgi123 (talk) 07:30, 29 April 2016 (UTC))

Malyacko (talkcontribs)

@Bekircem: Your last sentence is completely unacceptable on Please remove such statements.

Problem with Special Pages?

Summary by Jörgi123

See Upgrade for the right upgrade path!

Bekircem (talkcontribs)


When i go to Special Pages ( i see that error. What is mean? I check the directory. Autoloader.php is in the "includes" directory.

Warning: require(/srv/users/serverpilot/apps/gotviki/public/includes/specials/SpecialAllMessages.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /srv/users/serverpilot/apps/gotviki/public/includes/AutoLoader.php on line 90

Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required '/srv/users/serverpilot/apps/gotviki/public/includes/specials/SpecialAllMessages.php' (include_path='.:/opt/sp/php5.6/lib/php') in /srv/users/serverpilot/apps/gotviki/public/includes/AutoLoader.php on line 90

TheDJ (talkcontribs)

It is trying to open /srv/users/serverpilot/apps/gotviki/public/includes/specials/SpecialAllMessages.php, but the file is not present at that location, or the server does not have permission to access the file.

Bekircem (talkcontribs)

File is present at that location. Maybe server does not have permission? How i fix it? (talkcontribs)

Check the owner and the group of that file! And of all other MediaWiki files btw. The webserver user must be allowed to at least read the file. Usually file permissions of 660 are fine.

Bekircem (talkcontribs)

File permissions are 664 or 755.

I can see file owner and group. "serverpilot" both. Because i am using with my VPS.

What can i do for the fix that problem?

Bekircem (talkcontribs)

It's fixed!

SpecialAllMessages.php named my FTP SpecialAllmessages.php. small m. :) I changed that, and it works!

Jörgi123 (talkcontribs)

If you had followed Upgrade, this would not have happened. The guide clearly says that you should not copy the new files over the old ones and that old files remaining can cause errors. This is exactly what happened here.

Enigma753 (talkcontribs)

Is there any way to speak to someone on the phone?

Enigma753 (talkcontribs)

I'm attempting to upgrade PHP version from 5.5.14 to 5.6.16, everything seems to go fine until I have to restart the Apache2.4 serviceError: Telling us to review the event log: Cannot load pnpapache2_4dll (talkcontribs)

There is a webchat at, where you might find people in the #mediawiki channel.

Anyway, is it a typo when you write that the failing file would be named "pnpapache2_4dll"? If that really is what you have in your error message, then you should search your configuration for that string and fix it, e.g. to phpapache2_4.dll, with an h instead of the n and with a dot.

This comment was hidden by (history)
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2001:E68:5D9D:6B00:D01E:8537:C1D6:7BC2 (talkcontribs)

Hi guys, well I tried to copy paste Template:Infobox person from wikipedia. Then this error happens. CAn anyone help me? Thanks

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 120 seconds exceeded in C:\xampp\htdocs\mediawiki\extensions\Scribunto\engines\LuaStandalone\LuaStandaloneEngine.php on line 510

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

Maybe your machine is extremely slow, or busy doing other things, or there's a bug in Lua that takes too much time in executing a Lua module. Another cause might be Lua binary just crashing, leaving a popup window about the error, but you may not see it if xampp is running as a service, halting the execution of PHP. Windows event viewer might have an entry about this error if that's the cause, and a good way to start diagnosing the problem.

2001:E68:5DB6:4400:1CC9:6BF6:F04B:8803 (talkcontribs)

thanks for the response.

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