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Help needed with deletion of user information

Summary by Tropicalkitty

Ask a sysop on NL Wikipedia for a deletion request.

SFDiva (talkcontribs)

Can someone with more rights than me (sysop/administrator) help with deleting personal information in the logs of my user page? Or delete the whole history?

Mainframe98 (talkcontribs)

You'd have to ask one of the local sysops there: w:nl:WP:VM. Additionally, you can ask any of the sysops as listed on w:nl:Special:listadmins.

Summary by AhmadF.Cheema

Possible through templates employing time variables. (talkcontribs)

I was wondering if there is an extension/setting where you can do an edit to any article, but that edit wont show up on the spot, but rather added into the future on a specified date. Perfect for when you need to update an article of which you have ahead information but cant release it on the spot. Anyone know if this is possible?

AhmadF.Cheema (talkcontribs)

Don't know of any extensions, but one way to do it is through templates using time variables.

But this method is likely to require the information you want to release later on and presumably to keep hidden at the moment, to be publicly available on the templates page.

The information will not appear on the article page but anyone will be able to see the information on the template page. (talkcontribs)

Would you please tell me how to with those time variables?

AhmadF.Cheema (talkcontribs)

A similar approach is performed for the featured articles on Wikipedia's main page. A sort of summary for an article is created and edited for around 3-4 weeks before the time to display it on the main page arrives.

Wikipedia does this by using templates like:

This comment was hidden by Star Warden (history) (talkcontribs)

And is there a way to restrict people to access those templates ahead?

AhmadF.Cheema (talkcontribs)

If the information isn't too sensitive, there isn't really much need to restrict them. Wikipedia uses them and few people go poking around in the source code to get to the template.

One method which can be used to restrict these templates would be to use Extension:Lockdown. This extension can be used to create a restricted namespace. The future date template can be created in this namespace to restrict other people from viewing the information on the the page. (talkcontribs)

That seems helpful! Thank you very much for all your help!

Daisyanne1380 (talkcontribs)

Hello i have a media wiki database from 4 years ago i cant get it to work cause it use to be integrated to my ipb forums login. my question is is there a way to import the pages to my new wiki so we don't lose all the useful information. i'm using now the most current media wiki and the database i cant remember but it was from 4 years ago

Mainframe98 (talkcontribs)

Four years ago? According to Release notes, that would put the version around 1.20. Someone a bit more versed in MediaWiki database structure may be able to ask you some in depth questions to pin point the exact version, but your best bet now is to download an old version around that time. You may download the old versions here: You'll need the file named mediawiki-1.XX.XX.tar.gz. (mediawiki-1.20.8.tar.gz for example)

Reply to "old wiki"

Transliteration of Rusyn Wikipedia (Wikipedias in Multi-writing System)

IvRud (talkcontribs)

Hello, lot of Rusyns use Latin alphabet today and are not able to read Cyrillic letters. This is because of lack of Rusyn schools. We would like to have Rusyn Wikipedia in multi-writing system that it accessible for all Rusyns. Who could support us with implementation of such dual system?

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A small problem with a translated page(Translations Section)

Adithyak1997 (talkcontribs)

I am seeing a problem in one of the translated pages.The name of the page is CentralNotice Banners( that,the translation made by someone to English was only around 5% translated.The one i mentioned is about B13 WMDE 131127 layout rd-banner-text/ml . When i tried to translate it by using google translate,i found it more meaningful than the one present.Since my source language is English,i cannot translate that page to English.Can someone suggest me a method to change that translation? Following is the link i am suggesting you to replace with:!%3C%2Fi%3E

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শাহাদাত সায়েম (talkcontribs)

In my site , When I put on OCR button Then show me this error "<error> undefined Image URL must begin with ' " . Can you tell me how can I solve this error ?

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Page display 500 Internal Server Error after loading extension

星耀晨曦 (talkcontribs)

When I load an extension, the page can not be displayed properly and displayed 500 Internal Server Error. However after loading Renameuser extension, WikiEditor extension and SpamBlacklist extension, page can work properly, these extensions can also be used normally. My wiki version is:

MediaWiki 1.28.1
PHP 7.1.3 (cgi-fcgi)
MySQL 5.7.18-log

and url(Normal status). Can someone come to help me?

Reply to "Page display 500 Internal Server Error after loading extension" (talkcontribs)

I'm trying to use the mediawiki api to display the date, day, news headers and summary content for the current day, as done here:, on my website.

I haven't been able to figure out how to do it. Can anyone help?

Thank you,

Ryan Nelson

Reply to "Getting news from Wikipedia via api?"
Tribly (talkcontribs)

If I have a subdomain is it possible to somehow change the addres of one of my page to that sub domain?

Like let say for example I have a page called "mywikitest" that has the url "" and I want to change that to "" or "".

How can I achive this? And I'm not just talking about a redirect url. I want the subdomain url to stay in the address bat even after I have visited the page.

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Problem with Account Creation through the API

Summary by Nibre93

If you specify the realname parameter with the request (even if you just leave it empty), it starts to work correctly.

Nibre93 (talkcontribs)

I'm trying to use the API to create accounts using the mailpassword setting, so it will just send an Email with a temporary password (as explained here).

For whatever reason it refuses to work for me on MediaWiki version 1.28.1.

If I include password and retype variables, the account gets created just fine (sans the Email), so it's not a problem with authentication or any extra login requirements.

However, if I try at all to use mailpassword, the only response I can ever get is 'FAIL', with a status message of 'You need to provide a valid email address.', no matter how I give the email (or even omitting it).

I'm fairly confident that that this is not a client side error, as I've troubleshot to this point from scratch with two separate methods (using curl through PHP, and using Advanced REST Client). It absolutely is receiving everything that it needs to, but just refuses to take the email like it should, and that's leading me to believe that this could be a bug in MediaWiki itself.

I'm posting this here rather than creating a bug report, in the hope that maybe I'm just overlooking something, or that someone else can verify this is working for them correctly on 1.28.1 (to narrow it down to being something on my end).

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

2002:43F4:3186:1234:B8A3:4DE:ED5E:70E3 (talkcontribs)

My wiki runs 1.28.1 and I can send a password reset email just fine.

Nibre93 (talkcontribs)

Through the API using mailpassword? Because I can use the 'Special:CreateAccount' page to manually create accounts just fine, it's the API side that seems to be broken.

Nibre93 (talkcontribs)

I have verified that it is broken on 1.27.1 too, on an entirely separate, fresh install. After playing with them a bit, I think I've found the problem; the email parameter isn't accepted at all through the API, so even if you successfully create the account (by specifying passwords), the Email still isn't set on the account. Because of this confirmation, I'm going to go ahead and submit a bug report for this.

Nibre93 (talkcontribs)

Turns out, the reason it fails was that it was expecting a realname parameter with it, even though it's allowed to just be empty. It should probably be a little more verbose about that, but at least it's working now.