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Vagrant role vector
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Vector is a MediaWiki skin that has been MediaWiki's default skin since 2010, replacing 스킨:모노북 .

In recent years the skin has undergone a number of technical changes, e.g. the switch to Mustache to support the construction of 스킨:벡터/2022 as part of the work done by the 읽기/웹/데스크톱 개선 initiative.


  • Vagrant 를 사용하고 있는 경우에는, vagrant roles enable vector -p로 설치해주세요

수동 설치

  • 파일을 다운로드하고 Vector 폴더를 skins/ 디렉토리에 넣어 주세요.
  • 아래의 코드를 LocalSettings.php 파일의 말미에 추가합니다:
    wfLoadSkin( 'Vector' );
  • Yes 완료 - 위키의 Special:Version에 이동해서, 스킨이 올바르게 설치된 것을 확인합니다.

벡터를 기본 스킨으로 설정하기

LocalSettings.php$wgDefaultSkin 변수를 스킨 파일에 지정된 소문자 스킨 이름으로 설정하여 위키의 새 사용자를 위한 기본 스킨을 설정할 수 있습니다:

$wgDefaultSkin = 'vector'; // "Legacy" Vector (2010)
$wgDefaultSkin = 'vector-2022'; // New Vector (2022)

설정 옵션


주시/주시해제 아이콘 사용 유무.

  • 지원되는 값:
    • true — 주시/주시해제 버튼 사용
    • false — 주시/주시해제 텍스트 링크 사용
$wgVectorUseIconWatch = true;


미디어위키 버전:
1.26 – 1.35

Experimental setting to make Vector a responsive skin that adapts to mobile phones. false by default.

  • 지원되는 값:
    • true — 반응형 사용
    • false — 반응형 사용 안 함

미디어위키 버전:
1.30 – 1.35

Logo used in print styles.

Keys are 'url', 'width', 'height' (in pixels). Note that this solution only works correctly if the image pointed to by 'url' is an SVG that does not specify width and height attributes, or its width and height match the corresponding variables below. Alternatively, a PNG or other type of image can be used, but its dimensions also need to match the corresponding variable below. That in turn may result in blurry images, though.

For MediaWiki 1.36 and higher, the print logo will simply be set from Manual:$wgLogos .

$wgVectorPrintLogo = [
	'url' => 'https://en.wikipedia.org/static/images/mobile/copyright/wikipedia-wordmark-en.svg',
	'width' => 174,
	'height' => 27


Setting to false prevents Vector 2022 skin from loading MediaWiki:Vector.css and MediaWiki:Vector.js.


Basic features of the Vector skin
  • Reduced clutter, primarily by reducing the number of lines on screen
  • More prominent placement of the search portal
  • Visual separation of the content-action and namespace links, the former of which being divided into view tabs and action menu items
  • Automatic increase/decrease of margins throughout the user interface based on browser size
  • Use of a star icon for watch and unwatch actions
Added features of the Vector extension (some of these features have later been merged into the Vector skin or into the MediaWiki Core or have been removed)
  • Simplified search portal, including suggestions
  • Collapsible navigation portals
  • Alert when leaving an edit page without saving
  • Automatic hiding of tabs that do not fit on screen
Experimental Vector extension features
  • Simplified footer content
  • Search box expands on focus
  • Section edit links are moved to be directly next to heading instead of on the right, and use an icon
CollapsibleNav support via CollapsibleVector extension


Collapsible navigation

The collapsible navigation portals are now provided by the CollapsibleVector extension which will have to be installed additionally.

Smartphone and tablet design

Vector will work on many mobile devices, but it is not fully optimized for mobile devices. This latest version of Vector, Vector 2022, has better support for mobile devices.

History of the skin

Vector was created in 2009 as part of the work done by the Wikipedia Usability Initiative . It became MediaWiki's default skin in 2010 (MediaWiki 1.17 , git #2833b07a), succeeding 스킨:모노북 . In 2022, as part of the MediaWiki 1.38 release, it was updated as part of the work done by the 읽기/웹/데스크톱 개선 initiative.

Vector provides a number of usability improvements over its predecessor MonoBook. It was the first skin to separate the flat level content_actions into the categorized content_navigation.

At the beginning, the basic functionality was included in the core skin, while some of Vector's special features were handled by a separate extension, Extension:Vector . In MediaWiki 1.22, the extension was merged into the skin.

Dark mode customizations

A dark color scheme can be applied to Vector using CSS , for example with user styles, [1] which are enabled by default. Dark mode derivatives of the Vector skin, such as Skin:DarkVector , can be loaded into a wiki as a separate option.

Note all of these are supported by third parties, not the Wikimedia Foundation .

같이 보기

1.38 이상에서의 새로운 벡터 스킨

미디어위키 버전:

미디어위키 1.38에서 벡터의 새로운 변형인 Vector 2022 Desktop Improvements 프로젝트의 일부로 생성되었습니다.