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Requests for comment/Alternate disclosure policy

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Request for comment (RFC)
Alternate disclosure policy
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Author(s) Risker
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accepted; clear consensus per mediawiki.org practices

MediaWiki paid contribution disclosure policy[edit]

The MediaWiki community does not require any disclosure of paid contributions from its contributors.

This policy also applies to contributions to all projects and software hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation that are primarily focused on the development of software, including but not limited to Git repositories, Gerrit, Bugzilla, Phabricator and the mediawiki.org wiki.


The Wikimedia Foundation has amended its Terms of Use[1] effective 16 June 2014; see also the relevant blog post

According to the amendment, each Wikimedia community may adopt an alternative paid contribution disclosure policy.

The MediaWiki project, the related Git repositories, the Gerrit code review system, Bugzilla, and multiple other projects, are not content-generating sites, and there is very limited likelihood of negative effects to the Wikimedia Foundation or any of its projects specifically because individuals receive compensation for contributing to any of these sites.