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[RESOLVED] MW 1.23 Category pages not being linked if spaces in name but works with _

Edited by another user.
Last edit: 09:34, 28 May 2015

So I've upgraded to MW 1.23 with MariaDB on RHEL 7

Al is good except some of the pages belonging to categories are not being displayed.

e.g. if I add this category link at the bottom of a page, it will ink to the category from that page but the page will not be listed from the category [[Category:To Do - Something]]

However, if I use the following format for the category name, everything works - link to the category appears on the page & page is listed under the category page. [[Category:To _Do_-_Something]]

My problem is that most of the category links were created in the first format which worked in MW 1.18

Any suggestions on how to resolve?


bb220:20, 26 May 2015

Since it didn't display properly here is the formatting (obviously without the spacing between [[ )

[ [Category:To Do - Something] ]

[ [Category:To_Do_-_Something] ], 26 May 2015

Well, that's really weird, and I've never seen something like this.

Both forms should work the same. Check if that's not a cache problem. For example, try editing the category page and see if the pages are correctly listed there.

A link to your wiki, in case it's public, would be very useful.

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)09:38, 28 May 2015

It's not a public wiki, sorry.

Updating spaces to underscores does index the page in that category so not a cache issue as far as I can see.

Would rebuilding the index somehow address this?

What seem to come to mind would be a weird collation issue but no one seems to have encountered this before in all the googling I've done about this.

bb211:13, 28 May 2015

So, if a page that's listed on the category page, you change underscores to spaces, it disappears from the category page?

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)11:54, 28 May 2015

Yep, works that way too

bb210:57, 29 May 2015

Sorry, but your response is ambiguous.

  • If it works that way (you change underscores to spaces, and the category still appears), there's no problem.
  • If it works that way (you change underscores to spaces, it disappears from the category page) then there's a problem.
Ciencia Al Poder (talk)11:36, 29 May 2015

Blocking protections by abusefilter

Is it somehow possible to block protections by abusefilter?

MGChecker (talk)16:40, 29 May 2015

What would be the use case for this?

FriedhelmW (talk)19:30, 29 May 2015

It´s possible for delete too, and can be useful for Wikis with superprotect, so I wondered if there is a hidden possibility on some way.

MGChecker (talk)19:51, 29 May 2015

How fix error flexible SSL Cloudflare

Hi I use flexible SSL Cloudflare but receive

Chrome gray lock details.png

Your connection to the site is encrypted, but Google Chrome has detected mixed content on the page:Be careful if you're entering information on this page. Mixed content can provide a loophole for someone to manipulate the page. This content could be third- party images or ads embedded on the page.
Do you think what to do?

WikiMech (talk)11:54, 27 May 2015

Most browsers provide developer tools to inspect a website and to help you find the resource that is being included without using the https protocol.

TheDJ (Not WMF) (talkcontribs)14:20, 27 May 2015

Hi TheDJ
I use $wgServer= "//"; then resolve this error.

WikiMech (talk)17:03, 29 May 2015

how to get the most likes on an article

Hi all

I am trying to get the most popular article based on the number of likes. I've already implemented FacebookLikeButton extension but am not sure what to do next. Anyone can point me to the correct direction? I've been struggling for days. :/ Thank you so much!

Anyhowputx (talk)00:37, 29 May 2015

Your request makes no sense. MediaWiki cannot know how many people liked an article on Facebook.

Check the view count tho.

Subfader (talk)12:51, 29 May 2015

If with view count you mean the hitcounter feature, then I have to disappoint you: That feature got removed somewhere in the MediaWiki 1.25 release cycle and there is no replacement for it. The hit numbers should still be in the database, but they are no longer getting updated and they also are no longer displayed., 29 May 2015

Yes, epic fail by the dev team imo. There will be an extension tho.

Subfader (talk)17:00, 29 May 2015

Generating Charts For Bugzilla issues in Mediawiki

I cant find info as to generate charts for Bugzilla issues in Mediawiki, do we have any extension or way to achieve this?, 27 May 2015

No, and this is probably the wrong way to go.

First, find a package external to MediaWiki capable of doing that, then include it in MediaWiki by embedding it inside an iframe or something like this with the help of Extension:Widgets

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)10:50, 28 May 2015

See Extension:Bugzilla (but not sure if that functionality is already included)

AKlapper (WMF) (talk)13:09, 29 May 2015

request of edditing company information

I’m hye-lin Kim, assistant manager for PR team at Smilegate, which is heaquarter of SmileGate Interactive which posted at Wikepedia.

I have couple of questions how to fix wrong information and update new information about headquarter of Smilegate. As I’ve tried to change some information that is previous version

1. company name

  SG Interactive -> Smilegate Group

2. Changing the company logo

  (new logo is attached) --> I don't know how to attached image file
Smilegate Group (talk)08:14, 29 May 2015


You are speaking about en:SG Interactive.

For the new name, check out the instructions at en:Wikipedia:Moving a page. If you can move the page yourself, just do that. If you cannot (e.g. because your account is not yet autoconfirmed), you can still request a move.

You can upload your new logo at en:Special:Upload. Afterwards, edit the article en:SG Interactive and update the reference from the old to the new logo., 29 May 2015

Semantic MediaWiki 2.2: which extensions versions to use?

I am busy upgrading SMW 1.9.2 to version 2.2. How do I know which version to use of the accompanying extensions like Semantic Forms or Semantic Extra Special Properties?

Waanders (talk)08:47, 28 May 2015

SMW maintainers usually recommend to use Semantic Bundle, or use Composer for installing those extensions.

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)10:59, 28 May 2015

Yes, but SB uses SMW 1.9.2. I am planning to use Composer but with that I've to define a version per extension.

Waanders (talk)11:09, 28 May 2015

Anybody who knows how to determine dependencies of SMW extensions?

Waanders (talk)06:47, 29 May 2015

Remove the discussion tab from the wiki.

I want to remove the discussion/talk tab from my wiki so bots don't find it ruining my domain authority., 22 May 2015

There are these few lines of CSS code, which you put on the wiki page MediaWiki:Common.css and they will no longer be displayed. I don't know them out of my head right now; basically I would google that. Is it really that this information is not findable?, 22 May 2015

That just hides the Discussion page. doesn't remove it from the wiki, 26 May 2015

So what are you aiming at? Do you want clean HTML source code? Or do you also want MediaWiki to remove all links to discussion pages? Do you want to remove the whole Talk namespace? That surely is all possible - somehow. The question only is: What is it good for? The CSS hides the tab and in so far basically makes the pages invisible. People can still type in the URL manually, but why should they do that, if all they find would be an empty page? The CSS is the way to go., 26 May 2015

When you are measuring SEO/Domain Authority it is ruined by having a bunch of empty pages. That is why being able to remove all of the discussion pages would be very helpful, 26 May 2015

If you are worried about bots/search engines indexing your talk pages, maybe modifying the robots.txt accordingly could be an idea you'd like to follow (see Manual:robots.txt).

LiturgicaNotata (talk)07:10, 27 May 2015

Extension version numbers not displaying

I've been searching the net for a while now and can't find an explanation for this so apologies if it has already been answered: My MediaWiki version page just has a dash in the field for the version for the 4 skins I have installed and the one extension I have installed SpamBlacklist. Is there a reason/fix for this? It bothers me because I assume there is something bigger going on that is causing it that should probably be resolved. I'm on version 1.25.1 of MediaWiki. Thanks for your time!, 28 May 2015

Since MediaWiki 1.25, it depends from where the information is taken:

  • If the skin has a skin.json file or if the extension has a extension.json file, then the version information is taken from the key "version" from inside that file. Meaning: You can add it there, e.g. below the line with the "author" information and it will display:
  • If no skin.json/extension.json file is present, then the version information is taken from the array $wgExtensionCredits in the central skin file/extension file.

SpamBlacklist and the skins do have such a skin.son/extension.json file.

For the skins coming with MediaWiki 1.25 I can confirm that you have that problem, because the "version" information is just missing. You might want to report that to Phabricator so that it can be added., 28 May 2015

Allow account creation only from specific email domains.

I'd like to allow teachers from my school board to create an account on our wiki, but ONLY if they have an email addresses from a specific domain. (Ex. The end result would be only teachers from specific school boards would be able to create accounts and edit.

An array to add multiple school board domains would be great.

Any ideas? Thanks!

MarkJurgens (talk)18:19, 22 September 2013

This is easy to do by using the AbortNewAccount hook. Something like the following (untested, but based on code I use):

function abortOnBadDomain($user, &$message) {
	global $wgRequest;
	$allowedDomains = array( "", "" );
	$email = $wgRequest->getText( 'wpEmail' );
	$emailSplitList = explode("@", $email, 2);
	if ( isset( $emailSplitList[1] ) ) {
		foreach( $allowedDomains as $domain ) {
			if ( $emailSplitList[1] === $domain ) ) {
				return true;
	$message = "Domain blocked";
	return false;
$wgHooks['AbortNewAccount'][] = 'abortOnBadDomain';
MarkAHershberger(talk)19:14, 22 September 2013

Thanks Mark,

I may have sounded like a programmer in my initial request, and I've got a good handle on configuring Mediawiki, so excuse my ignorance:

Where do I put this code?

On another note, are there a way to find a coder(s) who might want to help me with an educational project? I can float server costs but developer might tank my non-existent budget. :)

Thanks again! P.s. Nice blog.

MarkJurgens (talk)01:02, 28 September 2013

You can put the code at the bottom of your LocalSettings.php file. It should work there. Let me know if you run into problems with it.

I'm not sure how to find a volunteer coder, but you might find someone who has some interest, or who can offer you pointers by writing about your project on mail:mediawiki-l.


MarkAHershberger(talk)02:48, 28 September 2013

[RESOLVED] easy way to assign users read only access

Hi all, I created a new group with this permissions:

$wgGroupPermissions['read_only']['edit'] = false;
$wgGroupPermissions['read_only']['read'] = true;

and I associated the user "guest" to the Group "read_only" but when login Guest user he can Modify the page !

below all group configurations in my "LocalSettings":

# Il permesso di modificare pagine viene tolto a tutti gli utenti non loggati
$wgGroupPermissions['*']['edit'] = false;
#Nego la possibilità di registrare nuovi account a meno di non essere loggati
$wgGroupPermissions['*']['createaccount'] = false;
#Nego la possibilità di leggere agli utenti non registrati
$wgGroupPermissions['*']['read'] = false;
#la riga seguente permette di rimuovere una pagina a tutti gli #utenti
$wgGroupPermissions['datamanagement']['delete'] = true;
$wgGroupPermissions['datamanagement']['move'] = true;
$wgGroupPermissions['datamanagement']['edit'] = true;
$wgGroupPermissions['read_only']['edit'] = false;
$wgGroupPermissions['read_only']['read'] = true;

thank you very much to all regards, 28 May 2015

You need:

$wgGroupPermissions['*']['edit'] = false;
$wgGroupPermissions['*']['createpage'] = false;
$wgGroupPermissions['user']['edit'] = false;
$wgGroupPermissions['user']['createpage'] = false;

Basically, you need to explicitly set permissions for the group user since that's an implicit group for all users. And also manage the createpage right which is separate from edit.

See Manual:User rights.

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)11:47, 28 May 2015

wow Ciencia, thank you ! now work fine I am very happy.

in my life it is first time that I receive support that work fine immediately :)

best regards Stefano, 28 May 2015

[Solved]uploading file getting error "Error creating thumbnail: /bin/bash: /usr/bin/convert: Is a directory"

Hello everyone

i created the folder /usr/bin/convert as ImageMagick requires it as it states in the "localsettings.php" file now i can thumbnail jpeg files

when i try to thumbnail a png file it gives me this error Error creating thumbnail: /bin/bash: /usr/bin/convert: Is a directory

i dont understand why when i didnt have the folder i couldnt at all when i got the folder it says the folder exist but does nothing

i added // Override the default with a bundle of filetypes: $wgFileExtensions = array(

   'png', 'gif', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'jp2', 'webp', 'ppt', 'pdf', 'psd',
   'mp3', 'xls', 'xlsx', 'swf', 'doc','docx', 'odt', 'odc', 'odp',
   'odg', 'mpp'

to make sure all the extension are supported and still the same thing

thanks in advance

Asafm14567 (talk)13:53, 27 May 2015

I don't see anywhere in LocalSetttings.php a text stating that you must create a directory named /usr/bin/convert

See Manual:Image thumbnailing. You may need to install ImageMagick on the server

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)10:54, 28 May 2015

the default settings for $wgImageMagickConvertCommand asks for the path /usr/bin/convert

but how do i insall imagemagick on the server i dont see any manuals of it

after i added /usr/bin/convert i can thumbnail only jpeg fails all the rest give me the error Error creating thumbnail: /bin/bash: /usr/bin/convert: Is a directory error 126

Asafm14567 (talk)11:03, 28 May 2015

i found the link

gonna try to install and see how it goes

Asafm14567 (talk)11:14, 28 May 2015

"convert" is not a directory, it is a command provided by ImageMagick. The $wgImageMagickConvertCommand should give the full path of the convert command, and it is usually installed in /usr/bin, so that is why it is usually set to "/usr/bin/convert".

Remove the /usr/bin/convert directory you made and install ImageMagick. The link Ciencia provided tells you where to go for that, or look for it in whatever package manager your system is using.

jpegs are being converted by something else, perhaps GD as part of your PHP install, as that same linked page explains.

Clump (talk)11:30, 28 May 2015

thanks alot

Asafm14567 (talk)11:45, 28 May 2015

sudo add-apt-repository "deb $(lsb_release -sc) main" sudo add-apt-repository "deb $(lsb_release -sc) universe" sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install imagemagick php5-imagick

this should do the job right???

Asafm14567 (talk)12:02, 28 May 2015

[RESOLVED] Same VisualEditor version (0.1.0) but no table function

Hi all,

I'm new to MediaWiki and so far liking the product. Since this morning, I've tried to install the new VisualEditor, together with the Parsoid server. I've managed to install both successfully without a hitch, after following the excellent guideline provided here. However, I noticed that my VisualEditor seems to be outdated since it lacks the Table functionalities, unlike the one being used here at and Wikipedia.

Upon checking, I discovered that I'm using the same VisualEditor version i.e. 0.1.0 but I'm using the latest stable version of both Parsoid and MediaWiki. What could I be missing? I've also enabled the experimental config but to no avail. Appreciate some help here. Thank you.

Musagaid (talk)11:04, 25 May 2015

How did you install the new VisualEditor? Which exact steps to follow to reproduce the problem?

AKlapper (WMF) (talk)13:14, 25 May 2015

Sure. Below are the steps to reproduce it.

1. For simplicity, I used the excellent Bitnami WAMP stack and install MediaWiki app. WAMP could be obtained here - hxxps:// and MediaWiki app could be obtained here - hxxps:// Current version for MediaWiki is 1.24.2-1.

2. For VisualEditor's installation, I followed this guide - hxxps:// This includes the UniversalLanguageSelector extension and Parsoid server. Since I'm using Windows, I followed this guide for Parsoid installation - hxxps:// Parsoid is up and running at localhost:8000.

3. The LocalSetting also have been adjusted properly following those guides mentioned above. Let me know if you need to know the specifics. For this particular test, I disable Experimental mode.

4. Editing the MainPage, giving me this Editor

5. As per my question, what did I missed? I couldn't find any reference that higher version of MediaWiki i.e. 1.2.5 or above have to be installed or etc. Appreciate some help here. Thank you.

Musagaid (talk)09:12, 26 May 2015

Bump. Any clue?

Musagaid (talk)14:11, 27 May 2015

No worries about this. Already got it working once upgraded to 1.25.1.

Musagaid (talk)09:20, 28 May 2015

easy way to assign users admin privileges

I have been trying to assign admin privileges to another user. It seems all are using some type of scripting.

Is there an easy way to assign admin privileges without using scripting? can you give me detail instructions.

thanks, 27 May 2015

I have been trying to assign admin privileges to another user. It seems all are using some type of scripting.

Is there an easy way to assign admin privileges without using scripting? can you give me detail instructions.

thanks, 27 May 2015

Looks like I figured it out. It is under: Special Pages: User Rights Management, 27 May 2015

Use this [extension]?

Waanders (talk)08:49, 28 May 2015

There's a special page for that. See Help:Assigning permissions. You usually find a link to it in the user contributions page.

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)10:58, 28 May 2015

Generating Charts For Mantis issues in Mediawiki

Any possibility to add the charting feature for Mantis issues?, 27 May 2015

No, and this is probably the wrong way to go.

First, find a package external to MediaWiki capable of doing that, then include it in MediaWiki by embedding it inside an iframe or something like this with the help of Extension:Widgets

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)10:50, 28 May 2015

Settings disabled (Special page)

Hello wiki-folks,

the options on the Special Page "Settings" are greyed out/ disabled in my mediawiki-website (Media) although I am sysop. Why is that?

I have searched the MediaWiki-Documentation and googled for the problem but to no avail.

Thanks for helpful hints. (Can not provide URL, sry)

MediaWiki 1.24.1 PHP 5.4.38-1~dotdeb.0 (cgi-fcgi) MySQL 5.5.38-1~dotdeb.0, 28 May 2015

You mean on page Special:Preferences all options are greyed out? That is not normal. I know that you can hide certain options using the variable $wgHiddenPrefs in LocalSettings.php, but as far as I remember that should really remove them from the preferences page, not only grey them out., 28 May 2015

Mediawiki upgrade 23 to 25


I upgraded my wiki from 23 to 25 and after the upgrade everything is wokring fine except i cant acess the "special pages" anymore. I get this error

Warning: require(/home/public_html/includes/specials/SpecialAllPages.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/student/public_html/includes/AutoLoader.php on line 90

Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required '/home/public_html/includes/specials/SpecialAllPages.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/student/public_html/includes/AutoLoader.php on line 90

Anyone know why i get this error ?, 28 May 2015

Have you copied the new files into the same folder where you also had the old files overwriting them? In that case the problem most likely is that there still are old files left, which you have to remove. See upgrade, which has a section on that!, 28 May 2015

link to given search

Any better way to write this link: search for 民防… on my wiki these days?

Jidanni (talk)08:05, 27 May 2015

Most you can do is: [{{FULLURL:特殊:搜尋|search=民防&fulltext=1}} search for 民防…]

In case you don't require full text search: [[Special:Search/民防|search for 民防…]]

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)09:42, 28 May 2015

Error: last section title is not interpreted

Hello, i have an error only on one page. The last section ist not interpreted. So i have add an dummy section as the last one. Anyone there with an idea whats going wrong?

the last section actually is ===Dummy=== if i add ===End=== then the previous Dummy-Section is shown as the Title of section, the ===End=== Text is shown as text under the Dummy-Section.
Mediawiki is used as intranet without internet access so i can't give you a link to the page.

MediaWiki 1.21.3
PHP 5.3.27 (cgi-fcgi)
MySQL 5.1.42-community
Microsoft IIS Server

TomyLee (talk)13:02, 26 May 2015

If your wiki is public, a link to it would be very welcome.

I'd say the problem is some extension tag not properly closed before that title. For example, an unclosed <gallery> tag or something like this. Or try copying section by section on a test page and see where the problem appears, and then identify the last added text what tags it contains that could be problematic.

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)09:32, 28 May 2015

Message: MediaWiki 1.25 requires at least PHP version 5.3.3, you are using PHP 5.4.24

I'm trying to install 1.25.1 locally before to migrate my MediaWiki 1.18 to the 1.25.1 But, 1.25.1 fails to start with an internal error page; extract: "MediaWiki 1.25 internal error MediaWiki 1.25 requires at least PHP version 5.3.3, you are using PHP 5.4.24"

which is very confusing: 5.24 seems to be more recent than 5.3.3 I can't figure how to work around such a message

Yeah, I got this error message too earlier today. Weird but I dont have the solution.

Musagaid (talk)09:23, 26 May 2015


MW 1.25 should work with php 5.4.24. Do you try to install mediawiki with a tarball or from git?

Florianschmidtwelzow (talk)11:02, 26 May 2015

with a tarball

This seems to happen when the composer install is incomplete. I encountered it with Harej at the hackathon and it was very confusing. For him this composer binary had actually even failed downloading, making it even more complicated to figure out what is going on.

TheDJ (Not WMF) (talkcontribs)08:25, 27 May 2015

Hmm, but the tarballs doesn't need composer, the vendor contents should be (and i checked that yesterday before i answered) bundled with it :/

Florianschmidtwelzow (talk)08:56, 27 May 2015

I'm also affected:

MediaWiki 1.25 requires at least PHP version 5.3.3, you are using PHP 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.9. Installing some external dependencies (e.g. via composer) is also required.

I've downloaded this snapshot: mediawiki-snapshot-REL1_25-76e04b0.tar.gz

I've now used the non-snapshot-version and it worked:

Roemer2201 (talk)12:43, 27 May 2015

Reported in the bug tracker.

TheDJ (Not WMF) (talkcontribs)08:36, 27 May 2015
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