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people must provide their E-mail address with fixed suffix

HiRachel1208 (talk) This is the problem: I want that people must provide their E-mail address with fixed suffix like, and after confirmation, they can become users. Maybe to solve that problem, I need to change the login inerface and some other files. However, I don't know where to start.:( So I really need your helpRachel1208 (talk) Thank you for your kind replies! :)

Rachel1208 (talk)06:39, 17 April 2014

You can probably use the isValidEmailAddr hook to check if the email is from specific domains, and set $result to false if it doesn't match.

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)13:41, 18 April 2014

Firstly, thank you for your kind reply! However, since I am a newcomer, the information that you provided to me as below is a bit difficult for me. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Define function: public static function onisValidEmailAddr( $addr, &$result ) { ... }

Attach hook: $wgHooks['isValidEmailAddr'][] = 'MyExtensionHooks::onisValidEmailAddr';

Called from: Sanitizer.php - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Would you mind give me some details, like where should I define the function and the attach hook? What should I write in the function public static function onisValidEmailAddr( $addr, &$result ) { ... }?

Thanks a lot!:)

Rachel1208 (talk)07:21, 21 April 2014

double post, sorry

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)10:15, 21 April 2014

Well, after a little test, I think the AbortNewAccount hook is better because it can provide an error message.

Simply put this in LocalSettings.php:

function onAbortNewAccount_emaildomain( $user, &$message ) {
    if ( preg_match( "/@gmail\.com/i", $user->getEmail() ) !== 1 ) {
        $message = "We only accept user registrations with email domain";
        return false;
    return true;
$wgHooks['AbortNewAccount'][] = 'onAbortNewAccount_emaildomain';

There's also an extension for this Extension:CheckEmailAddress.

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)10:15, 21 April 2014

Inserting the same text in multiple Articles

Anyone that can explain wow I do this? I don't want to link. I want it to be an Article that cannot be opened alone (well, edit purpose is ok or even a must). It's intended to be included by other pages only. Like in edit mode of a page you point the cursor and include a comand that points to that text. IN normal mode the text appears and you can't tell that this text is inlcuded.

Like you in php use the include() function and echo out the same text.


Muuucho (talk)08:58, 21 April 2014

Special groups edit pages belong to them&change default mail content

MediaWiki 1.22.4 PHP 5.4.26 (apache2handler) MySQL 5.5.36

Hi~Now my wiki lets all users except "sysop" unable to edit pages. However, now the requirement changed: let special group like:group A ,can edit the page belong to that group. What should I do now?

And the other question is that is it possible to change the content of mail which is sent to users who monitor some pages? And which file should I edit?

Any help will help me!! Thanks~

Rachel1208 (talk)08:12, 4 April 2014

I do not understand what "belong" means when referred to pages. Maybe you're looking for page protection with custom restriction levels.

To change default email messages, go to "Special:AllMessages?prefix=enotif" on your wiki and create custom messages that you want to overwrite.

Ricordisamoa00:50, 12 April 2014

Hello!Thank you for your kind reply! I am sorry the first question was not clear. And I;d like to restate it: Now,my users are divided into several groups like sysop, groupA,groupB, and no one has the rights to edit pages except sysop according to my BOSS requirements. However, he now requires that members in groupA can only edit the page “Department A”, meanwhile, the page “company A" can only be edited by sysop and menbers in groupA. And the same to groupB which can only edit the page:“Department B". I have tried to protect the page "Department A", however, it showed that that page can only be edited by sysop or autoconfiremed users or all users...There were no other groups that I established before, like groupA.

I hope the new description will not confuse you :) Thanks!

Rachel1208 (talk)07:59, 17 April 2014

Use $wgRestrictionLevels:

// add 2 additional protection levels
array_push($wgRestrictionLevels, 'groupA', 'groupB');
// give the "groupA" permission to users in the "groupA" group
$wgGroupPermissions['groupA']['groupA'] = true;
// give the "groupB" permission to users in the "groupB" group
$wgGroupPermissions['groupB']['groupB'] = true;
// give the "groupA" and "groupB" permissions to sysops (needed so sysops can apply this protection levels to pages)
$wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['groupA'] = true;
$wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['groupB'] = true;

Then, you should be able to protect "Department A", "company A" and "Department B".

Ricordisamoa09:42, 17 April 2014

Oh~~yes! That is exactly what I want! Thx thx and thx!!!

Rachel1208 (talk)06:23, 21 April 2014

add simple english

hi why not create messages for simple English like

MessagesSimple.php simple.json

in simple.json

it would be like. please go to, 20 April 2014

Which problem do you try to solve?

AKlapper (WMF) (talk)04:31, 21 April 2014

Make Special:Categories the main page?

I'm using: MediaWiki 1.18.1; PHP 5.3.8 (apache2handler); MySQL 5.5.16-log. My wiki is behind a corporate firewall so you will not be able to view it.

I would like to make Special:Categories the wiki main page. I thought I could do this by transclusion, but it doesn't seem to work. I can transclude


but not


. Is there a way to accomplish what I want?

Tedd (talk)17:03, 4 May 2012

My first thought was: Do an Apache redirect. If the requested URL is just the domain or domain/Main_Page, redirect the user to the category page. Performancewise this should be the best solution I think.

Another way would be to place a redirect on the Main Page, so that MediaWiki redirects the user to that category page., 4 May 2012

Thanks, I like the redirect idea for its simplicity. At the very least it's a good temporary solution.

Tedd (talk)16:11, 7 May 2012

A related question:

How do I change the text in Special:Categories. I looked through SpecialCategories.php and found what appears to be a function to include 'categoriespagetext', but my knowledge of PHP is pretty rudimentary and I can't figure out where the actual content text is coming from.

Tedd (talk)15:21, 4 June 2012

If you want to override an interface text in the wiki: That is possible by putting the text you want on the right page in the namespace "MediaWiki". E.g. if the language label, which you want to override is called "login", then you would have to put the new text on the wiki page "MediaWiki:Login"., 4 June 2012

Have you checked Manual:$wgAllowSpecialInclusion?

 Hazard-SJ  ± 00:12, 5 June 2012

I did, but $wgAllowSpecialInclusion doesn't seem to allow special:Categories. It allows some special pages, but not all. Perhaps special:Categories is restricted for some reason?

Tedd (talk)21:17, 20 April 2014

database help

hi I get this error when trying to create the tables and setup the wiki

Setting up database... done Creating tables... A database query error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software. Query: CREATE TABLE `user` ( user_id int unsigned NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT, user_name varchar(255) binary NOT NULL default , user_real_name varchar(255) binary NOT NULL default , user_password tinyblob NOT NULL, user_newpassword tinyblob NOT NULL, user_newpass_time binary(14), user_email tinytext NOT NULL, user_touched binary(14) NOT NULL default , user_token binary(32) NOT NULL default , user_email_authenticated binary(14), user_email_token binary(32), user_email_token_expires binary(14), user_registration binary(14), user_editcount int, user_password_expires varbinary(14) DEFAULT NULL ) ENGINE=InnoDB, DEFAULT CHARSET=binary

Function: DatabaseBase::sourceFile( /home/paladox/public_html/en/maintenance/tables.sql ) Error: 1005 Can't create table 'paladox_en.user' (errno: 121) (localhost)


  1. 0 /home/paladox/public_html/en/includes/db/Database.php(1123): DatabaseBase->reportQueryError('Can't create ta...', 1005, 'CREATE TABLE `u...', 'DatabaseBase::s...', false)
  2. 1 /home/paladox/public_html/en/includes/db/Database.php(3858): DatabaseBase->query('CREATE TABLE `u...', 'DatabaseBase::s...')
  3. 2 /home/paladox/public_html/en/includes/db/Database.php(3772): DatabaseBase->sourceStream(Resource id #85, false, false, 'DatabaseBase::s...', false)
  4. 3 /home/paladox/public_html/en/includes/installer/DatabaseInstaller.php(187): DatabaseBase->sourceFile('/home/paladox/p...')
  5. 4 [internal function]: DatabaseInstaller->createTables(Object(MysqlInstaller))
  6. 5 /home/paladox/public_html/en/includes/installer/Installer.php(1533): call_user_func(Array, Object(MysqlInstaller))
  7. 6 /home/paladox/public_html/en/includes/installer/WebInstallerPage.php(1336): Installer->performInstallation(Array, Array)
  8. 7 /home/paladox/public_html/en/includes/installer/WebInstaller.php(283): WebInstaller_Install->execute()
  9. 8 /home/paladox/public_html/en/mw-config/index.php(63): WebInstaller->execute(Array)
  10. 9 /home/paladox/public_html/en/mw-config/index.php(31): wfInstallerMain()
  11. 10 {main}

Notice: Uncommitted DB writes (transaction from DatabaseInstaller::createTables). in /home/paladox/public_html/en/includes/db/Database.php on line 4147, 11 April 2014

I run Mediawiki 1.23 Wmf 22., 13 April 2014

And wiki is at I have just used the backup I did before deleting it and tried creating new tables and refresh the wiki. To fix some issues with centralauth., 13 April 2014

That error means the table already exists. But still, MediaWiki failed to properly detect if the table structure was present. Maybe you removed some tables while others were still around?

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)19:51, 13 April 2014

oh ok. but I deleted the tables and tried redoing the setup and create the tables like you would if you have just started to install the wiki., 15 April 2014

oh ok. but I deleted the tables and tried redoing the setup and create the tables like you would if you have just started to install the wiki., 15 April 2014

So... you solved the issue by creating the tables manually/with the tables.sql script?

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)09:27, 16 April 2014

[RESOLVED] Importing from one mediawiki to another - help

I have exactly 2 hours of experience with my new mediawiki installation :-)

Here's the problem. I am exported selected pages (via Special:Export to xml) from a mediawiki site that has some sort of forum extension. I can't tell which forum extension it is using. The export seems to work fine.

Upon import to my mediawiki site (which has no sort of forum extension), the pages all import fine -- but when I view them all I see are entries like this:

Template:ForumNewPost Template:ForumReplyPost Template:ForumReplyPost Template:ForumReplyPost Template:ForumReplyPost

If I go to the revision history of the page, I can click on the timestamp and I get the actual page rendered with all the text (and it is actually formatted pretty well!)

Question: How do I get the main link for the discussion page to show up with the actual discussion, not with those "Template" references?

Thanks..., 19 April 2014

Well, at first look it seems that you should also import Template:ForumNewPost and Template:ForumReplyPost from the original wiki.

Also, if it uses a forum extension, and the messages are stored in it's own page (internally), each forum thread will be split with each message in a different page. That's the job of the forum extension, and you won't be able to emulate that, unless you manually create pages for each thread and transclude the contents of each message there.

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)18:50, 19 April 2014

Thanks very much; I think I did subsequently import the templates but didn't realize that I had to edit/save the previously imported pages to get them to associate. They display fine now, and further page imports seem to work fine now with no need to do the edit/save routine.

Thanks!, 19 April 2014

Yes, pages get imported in the order they're stored in the import XML. Maybe the pages were there before the templates, and when templates were imported they didn't purge the pages.

Note that if those templates were used on a lot of pages, those pages weren't purged automatically, and the purge should be delayed in the Manual:Job queue. Assuming that's what happened, running Manual:runJobs.php should have been fixed this, otherwise that would be a bug.

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)16:43, 20 April 2014

Central auth help

Hi can someone help with centralauth I have done all the setup and I have migrated my account to the centralauth auth table but on the other wiki it won't let me log on to that global account instead saying it doesent esist but when trying to create an local account of that username it says this account is global you cannot create it. Please help., 19 April 2014

hi how can I setup centralauth so that I can create one account on one wiki and use the account on the other wiki. I have migrated my account to centralauth but it is not working on the other wiki I have the extension confirm account and I run mediawiki 1.23 my websites are and, 20 April 2014

it is confirmaccount causing the problem. please fix it to support centralauth please. and how can I enable confirmaccount to being able to use centralauth., 20 April 2014

centralauth error

hi I get this erro when login out of using central auth

Fatal error: Call to a member function getFullUrl() on a non-object in /home/paladox/public_html/en/extensions/CentralAuth/CentralAuthHooks.php on line 647, 20 April 2014

[RESOLVED] How to hide "View History" button for unlogged users?

Hello all! I used search and I could not find any information how to hide "View History" button for unlogged users! Do you know how o do that?, 17 December 2012


Possibly related:

Krinkle (talk)23:44, 17 December 2012

@ Krinkle: I understood the question that he wants to remove that tab, which you have in the upper right-hand corner of each page.

This is possible with two lines of CSS. E.g. something like this:

div.vectorTabs ul li#ca-history {
   visibility: hidden;
}, 18 December 2012

You have understood it correctly, but I wanted to hide this option only for unregistered users. CSS hides this link but the space for this button is there and it looks not so good.

Fokebox (talk)18:15, 18 December 2012

Replace visibility: hidden; with display: none;

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)10:36, 19 December 2012

No no ... both ways work perfect! But I want to hide history only for unregistered users!

Fokebox (talk)20:04, 19 December 2012

Central auth help

Hi can someone help with centralauth I have done all the setup and I have migrated my account to the centralauth auth table but on the other wiki it won't let me log on to that global account instead saying it doesent esist but when trying to create an local account of that username it says this account is global you cannot create it. Please help., 19 April 2014

centralauth help

hi can I have some help with centralauth please if I use this

$wgCentralAuthDatabase = 'name of databse';

do I keep the databse name the same for all wikis or do I change it for the different wikis, 19 April 2014

How can I fix the "Help with logging in"?

All wiki's language version show following word. How to fix it?

<userlogin-helplink2>  ???

Zoglun (talk)04:13, 19 April 2014

You could create MediaWiki:userlogin-helplink2 in your wiki. Anyway, that seems a bug. What MediaWiki version are you using?

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)18:14, 19 April 2014

Export old revision

Is it possible to export an older version of a certain wikipedia page with all the templates that belong to it? I know you can export the entire history of a page, but I can't import 36 MB, so I would prefer if I could import the latest revision before the page started to use LUA modules (+plus all pre-lue templates), 18 April 2014

No, that's not possible. You'd need to manually go to the page history on wikipedia, view the version before LUA, and edit it to get the source code to put on your wiki.

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)18:11, 19 April 2014

Cleaning logs

Hello, please tell me how to clear all logs action viki.Ili possible to change the period (dates) display logs, for example to show the changes only for the year / month? My Wiki:

EvangelionI (talk)21:23, 15 April 2014
Edited by 0 users.
Last edit: 21:22, 16 April 2014

please help me, 16 April 2014

Which logs exactly?

AKlapper (WMF) (talk)09:57, 17 April 2014

Deletion log and pravokstranits

EvangelionI (talk)13:57, 17 April 2014

What is pravokstranits?

AKlapper (WMF) (talk)06:25, 18 April 2014

Sorry for the bad translation. To clear the deletions and corrections.

EvangelionI (talk)13:58, 17 April 2014

About change translated message in sandbox heading

I translated messages of sandbox heading to Korean at Sandbox page but I can't change these.

아라는 다 알아 (talk)05:59, 19 April 2014

header template seems protected, and it is not prepared for translations.

Revicomplaint?06:44, 19 April 2014

[RESOLVED] Hiding toolbox except for admin and bureaucrat

In skins/Vector.php I can hide toolbox from logged out thus:

if ( $wgUser->isLoggedIn() ) {
                                case 'TOOLBOX':
                                   if ( $wgUser->isLoggedIn() ) {
                                        $this->renderPortal( 'tb', $this->getToolbox(), 'toolbox', 'SkinTemplateToolboxEnd' );

but User::isSysop() and similar are deprecated.

How would I use the recommended $user->isAllowed to specify the admin and bureaucrat group? I have not managed to find this, sorry.

  • MediaWiki 1.22.2
  • PHP 5.3.6-13ubuntu3.10 (apache2handler)
  • MySQL 5.1.69-0ubuntu0.11.10.1-log, 16 April 2014

Maybe you can use this:


It will give you an array of all groups in which the current user is member.

Wgkderdicke (talk)08:12, 16 April 2014


You can go through the file includes/User.php to see, which methods are available for the user object. If there should be no method, which returns, if the user is an admin, then maybe you can work with the method getEffectiveGroups() somehow like so:

if ( in_array( 'sysop', $this->getUser()->getEffectiveGroups() ) {
 // code to show toolbox

Maybe you still have to adjust that somehow, like using $wgUser instead of $this->getUser and maybe by checking for _both_ groups, but I guess you get the basic idea., 16 April 2014

Thanks for the response. I also had a reply here which suggested using IsAllowed but creating the required right and the permissions for it. This looks hopeful, but I'll post back which method works for me if I use it (I may want to enable users e-mailing each other in which case the toolbox needs to be visible for standard users., 16 April 2014

Fatal error: Possible integer overflow in memory allocation

Edited by 2 users.
Last edit: 20:13, 21 February 2014

I upgraded from version 1.17.0 to 1.22.2 and now when I click on Special Pages I receive this error: Fatal error: Possible integer overflow in memory allocation (2147483648 * 4 + 0) in /var/www/wiki/includes/User.php on line 2312

I went and opened up user.php and line 2312 reads:

if ( !$ignoreHidden && in_array( $oname, $wgHiddenPrefs ) ) {
     return self::getDefaultOption( $oname );
Stomkiewicz (talk)17:06, 20 February 2014

Have you tried increasing the memory limit?

MarkAHershberger(talk)17:20, 20 February 2014

I found 2 php.ini files and increased them both to say 256M, still no luck. (one originally said 128M, the other said -1)

Stomkiewicz (talk)17:51, 20 February 2014

Weird. I came across this post with the discouraging solution:

 Ok, found the trouble...
 One of the twelve CPU's in the system had a bit fualt in bit 2 of its integer calculations... with that CPU off, it works flawlessy again...
 The CPU doesnt show any errors during testing, but the fault dissapears completely with that one off.

I wouldn't even know how to track that down.

MarkAHershberger(talk)17:56, 20 February 2014

Is it always on the same line number? What extensions do you have installed?

MarkAHershberger(talk)17:58, 20 February 2014

I'm running on a virtual server. As far as extensions, I don't know if any are actually installed. Our old IT directory set this up, then quit, and we had just been using it for a year until it just recently crashed and I'm trying to get it going again.

Stomkiewicz (talk)19:34, 20 February 2014

You can check the extensions directory for the installed extensions. What directories and files are in there?

MarkAHershberger(talk)01:45, 24 February 2014

I can reproduce this on a new 1.22.2 wiki. It doesn't appear if I switch to 1.21.5, so that narrows it down to...every change between 1.21 and 1.22, I guess. :-)

Emufarmers(T|C)20:12, 21 February 2014

I can't duplicate this on a new Debian installation. Could you share more information? Extensions, etc?

MarkAHershberger(talk)02:43, 24 February 2014

I'm facing the same issue with fresh installation of MediaWiki v1.22.0 on CentOS release 5.4, PHP 5.3.6, MySQL 5.1.57. I do not have any extensions installed in the fresh installation., 26 February 2014

I suspect this is either a PHP issue, or underlying OS issue, and not a mediawiki issue.

Bawolff (talk)06:23, 27 February 2014

If it was PHP or OS issue then I should be getting similar error on existing old installation of MediaWiki on the same server.

My current installation of MW is v1.17.0rc1. When I either upgrade it to v1.22.0 or install it fresh, accessing special pages throws "Fatal error: Possible integer overflow in memory allocation (2147483648 * 4 + 0) in /var/www/wiki/includes/User.php on line 2312" exception. Rest every other functionality works normally.

Server Configuration: CentOS release 5.4, PHP 5.3.6, MySQL 5.1.57, 2 March 2014

Having major problems logging into a wiki for Star Conflict

Dear Mediawiki, I have been trying to make an account on a wiki that I believe is yours, The technical support links on it brought me to your admin sites. I've tried twice to make an account on this wiki because I want to contribute to it but it seems to instantly change my password. I've tried usernames Kiljaedenas and Kiljaeden in that order; the same day that I created the account Kiljaeden using a password I frequently use for online sites, when I discovered that I need to be in the emailverified group to make posts and went to set the email address to this one I'm using right now (which I didn't do upon account creation to try and avoid spam) it said my password was invalid. So now I don't have an email address set to do a password reset on either account and the password I thought I had set only an hour or so ago doesn't appear to work. Could you please help?

Daryl, 17 April 2014
Edited by 0 users.
Last edit: 10:13, 18 April 2014

This site ( is not affiliated with the star-conflict wiki. This is the wiki about MediaWiki, the software that runs the star-conflict wiki (and many other wikis!), but we do not host that wiki.

Our login is different. If you want to have a user account here you'll need to register again here.

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)10:13, 18 April 2014

I'm trying to recreate certain pages from Wikipedia. I've imported the necessary files, installed scribunto, etc. and now I'm at a point where I get the following Script Error:

Lua error: Cannot create process: proc_open is not available. Check PHP's "disable_functions" configuration directive.

When I make a test.php and look at the info I see the following:

disable_functions Local: system,exec,shell_exec,passthru,proc_open,proc_get_status,proc_nice,proc_terminate,dl,popen,pcntl_exec Master: system,exec,shell_exec,passthru,proc_open,proc_get_status,proc_nice,proc_terminate,dl,popen,pcntl_exec, 17 April 2014

You should remove that function from the disable_functions directive.

If you don't have control over that (because you're on a "cheap" shared host), you should substitute the scribunto modules used on the templates by wikitext versions of them, for example, going to the template page on Wikipedia, looking at the template history and get the text before it was converted to a scribunto module.

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)10:10, 18 April 2014
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