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Gerrit is the tool we use to handle code reviews. Code review is at the heart of our development process. Any software contribution to MediaWiki or any other Wikimedia hosted project is reviewed and approved at before being merged to our Git repositories.

כל משתמשי הגריט יכולים לסקור תרומות אבל רק למתחזקים יש את ההרשאות המיוחדות כדי לאשר או לדחות אותם.


If you are a novice developer, read New Developers. If you know that you will work on MediaWiki core and MediaWiki extensions, read How to become a MediaWiki hacker .

Learn how to contribute to MediaWiki development and how to set up a functioning pre-configured development installation of MediaWiki.

If you are an experienced developer, visit the Developer hub instead.

תחילת העבודה

Further help on Gerrit

For code contributors / authors

For code reviewers

For project owners / administration

Download code without a Gerrit account

If you only want to get the code and do not plan to propose changes:

ר' גם

Wikimedia is planning to migrate code review from Gerrit to GitLab .