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Example of change requests at gerrit.wikimedia.org

Gerrit is the website where Wikimedia hosts all its Git repositories, and reviews changes proposed to those repositories. Before change requests are merged in Gerrit, each change is reviewed to ensure they meet standards of security, quality, and coding style. Anyone is welcome to create an account and leave review comments on changes. The special rights to merge or reject changes is reserved to maintainers.

전제 조건

If you are a new to software development and are unsure where to contribute, read 새로운 개발자 . If you've decide you want to contribute to MediaWiki core or an extension, read 미디어위키 개발자가 되는 방법 to learn where to find tasks for you and how to set up a local development environment.

If you are an experienced developer familiar with MediaWiki but new to its software development, visit 개발자 허브 .

Submit your first patch

Follow the Gerrit/Tutorial for setting up Git, creating a developer account, and opening change requests in Gerrit.

Download code without an account

To download source code and without a plan to propose changes:

Improve future patches

For code reviewers

For project owners

같이 보기

Wikimedia had been planning to migrate code review from Gerrit to 깃랩 , but as of June 2024 this is not going to happen .