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This document should explain or link to everything needed for fundraising tech development.

About Fundraising Tech[edit]

Fundraising Tech is responsible for the security, stability, and development of the Wikimedia Foundation’s online donation systems. Millions of relatively small donations make up the majority of the Wikimedia Foundation’s operating budget every year. The donation systems created and maintained by Fundraising Tech were built specifically to make the small donor model a reality, across as many localities as possible to further ensure the continued independence of our mission.

We do not write banners or run tests, we support the people and software that run them.

Fundraising Tech systems include:[edit]

International payment processing[edit]

  • The majority of donations run through integrations with 6 payment processors. We are also integrated with several other processors for accessibility, location and fundraising event uses. These integrations enable us to support online fundraising campaigns in approximately 30 countries each year.

Retention of donor/donation data[edit]

  • We maintain an internal donor database and CRM (CiviCRM). This data is crucial in measuring the impact of our fundraising campaigns, developing our global strategy, and maintaining relationships with past donors.

Tools to create, manage, and deliver online fundraising campaigns[edit]

  • We are the primary developers and maintainers of the CentralNotice system, which delivers banner notices to the wikipedias and the sister projects. Historically, banners on the wikis have been the primary method by which we entice users to donate.
  • Note: We partner with the Advancement department, Major Gifts, Banner and Email teams, operations and Donor services. Fundraising tech provides stable platforms and tools to Advancement, and they create specific fundraising campaigns and other donor-facing messaging and content.

Fundraising Tech[edit]

Technical work supporting the Wikimedia Foundation's fundraising efforts.


Fiscal Year 2018-2019



fr-tech's detailed Roadmap

Rhythm and code freeze[edit]

We have a special yearly window of not deploying major changes to some critical systems starting in the fall, in preparation for the Big English drive.  Game on again in mid-January, assuming we haven't emitted a puff of smoke in early December.

This code freeze gives our development an annual cadence, with each season seeing similar types and intensities of work, year-over-year.  Any long-running FR-tech project should take this into account.


Installing the software stack[edit]

Much of our toolchain is provided by MediaWiki-Vagrant, please follow setup instructions at the main MediaWiki-Vagrant page and when you are ready to select a vagrant role, use 'fundraising' and then vagrant provision (must be done after you have successfully executed vagrant up):

   vagrant enable-role fundraising
   vagrant provision

Also note that the fundraising role assumes that the vagrant repo is in /vagrant and that drush is in /usr/local/bin/drush.

Assuming your box builds without error, visit and the wiki's main page will have links to help you get started. Please note that the subdomain is actually a wildcard DNS that resolves to, so if you are running vagrant on a different host than you're browsing from, or if you're offline, you'll need to add hosts entries yourself.

This role also installs CiviCRM, at The admin login can be found in the puppet settings.

If you wish to forsake Vagrant and try to do it all the hard way, see Fundraising Tech/Donation Pipeline Setup

Running PHPUnit tests on vagrant (mediawiki-fr)[edit]

The fundraising role checks out a separate branch of mediawiki core into /vagrant/mediawiki-fr. From the vagrant directory, do:

   vagrant ssh
   cd /vagrant/mediawiki-fr/
   git submodule foreach git checkout master
   composer install
   export MW_INSTALL_PATH=/vagrant/mediawiki-fr
   php tests/phpunit/phpunit.php --wiki paymentswiki --group DonationInterface

Running PHPUnit tests on vagrant (CRM)[edit]

From within the vagrant directory:

vagrant ssh
cd /vagrant/srv/org.wikimedia.civicrm/

Testing queue operations under vagrant[edit]

Please see Fundraising tech/Queue testing.


You can find our engineering team on the #wikimedia-fundraising irc channel. Include "fr-tech" in your message to make sure we see it.

Fundraising Tech Systems Dashboard[edit]

The Fundraising Tech dashboard is located here Prometheus is used to record metric data which is then displayed in Grafana.

Current items being monitored include:

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